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   Chapter 22 Chapter Twenty-two

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I can't help myself. I can't help it when I feel the need or more likely the?urge?to look at her. Yet, with every turn and every glance. . . she would never fail to surprise me with her natural beauty. Even though she used to tell me about how insecure she is, I can't seem to find the flaws she once mentioned.

''You can't stop, huh?'' Alain asks, trying to make sure the tents stay up all night than falling apart.

''You're not mad at me, anymore?'' I ask him back, changing the subject before he has a chance to ask because I know. . . it's always about Kenna. He notices almost everything when it comes to Kenna and I, probably because he's the older brother or he's just more caring than me but that's just the way he is.

Especially when it comes to Mia. It's as if he couldn't stop asking or wondering about her. I mean, I care about Mia, too. . . she's my one and only sister, for god's sake, why wouldn't I care for her? It's just that, Alain cares for her much more than I can even imagine; he'd help her with almost anything.

A few months ago, Mia had a bad fever. He was worried sick that he decided to stay home to take care of her than going to work; until mother convinced that she can take his place.

''About the whole accounting thing? Nah, I don't have time to be mad at you for a long time.'' He slowly replies, ''But, you can't simply change the subject, Aidan. . . you can't hide it, either. The whole newly-wed?thing?going on with you two, it's crystal clear.'' He adds, turning to look at me.

''What about Kenna? What about the whole newly-wed thing? I don't understand, '' I answer.

Alain laughs, ''Dude. Seriously? You've got to stop lying when it comes to something you can't hide. More precisely. . . when it comes to Kenna. Do you think I won't find out about it?''

My heart starts to beat uncontrollably fast, only waiting for him to continue the conversation. There's a slight chance that he might tell me he has found out the truth about this whole marriage but there's also a high chance of him never finding out. Then again, what's going on his mind? What's he going to say?

I turn to look at Kenna, seeing her laughing with Ava as she sits on her lap. They are both pointing up at the sky, probably looking at the trees or even the clouds. . . but what attracts me most is the way she looks with Ava on her lap, it's as if that's?our?future.

Wait. . . did I say?our? I meant, hers.

''Found out about what?'' I raise an eyebrow, paying attention to Alain, again.

''About you and Kenna, '' He replies. Both of his eyebrows are furrowed as he takes a few steps towards me, leaving me confused and somehow worried.

''What do you mean?'' I clear my throat, avoiding any further eye contact; wanting for someone to just barge in and interrupt the conversation than letting him say.

''That she was your first crush. She was the one you told me about, right? You told me that you liked someone but you said you can't have her; now, it's all clear. . . you couldn't confess and you couldn't have Kenna because you didn't want to ruin the 'thing' you two had, called friendship.'' He pats onto my shoulder before smiling, ''Well. . . congratulations, '' He adds.

''Obviously!'' I reply with a loud laugh, almost sounding fake but believable enough for my big brother, Alain.

Truth be told, my first crush was one of the cheerleaders at school; not Kenna. I've never had feelings for Kenna. . . not until now, I suppose? Her name was Carly, she had straight dirty blonde hair with piercing green eyes and?damn, she was a charm. When I had feelings for her, she was with one of the football players, they were the?it?couple.

So, when they broke up, I thought it was my chance to make her my girlfriend but unfortunately, things got out of control and we hooked up on our first encounter which was bizarre. Not going to lie, things got pretty exciting from there. . . I enjoyed our hook-ups more than actually spending time with her, so. . . I never did make us official. I never even say I once liked her because I left things unsaid.

My feelings for her disappeared faster than I can even say?ABC. Guess we were never meant to be?

Kenna and I were friends from the very beginning, unlike those movies where different genders can never remain friends because one of the opposite sex will start falling for the other. We were really different, Kenna and I have different tastes when it comes to men or women; she would prefer someone with a lighter hair with dirty shades and lighter eye colour. Easy to say, she doesn't prefer herself to end up with any?Italian?guy which is quite strange if you ask me. . . I mean, I'm?1/8?Italian and I'm almost everyone's type but not for Kenna.

While I prefer someone with lighter eyes and darker hair which?matc

her eyes gaze into mine. It's not everyday that I get to feel this way.

''I thought you were giving me the silent treatment but you followed me here, '' She looks up to the sky; counting the stars.

How am I supposed to reply that? I simply can't say a word because I wasn't giving her the silent treatment. . . I was just making sure of my feelings. Maybe one day, I'll be able to sort it out and be confident of how I'll be feeling in the future but right now, I can never be so sure.

''We used to come here when we were little, '' She changes the subject. ''It's kind of funny to think about the places we used to go. Everywhere reminds me of us, Aidan; is that a good thing?'' Her voice lower than before but the smile plastered on her face is never fading away.

''Well, we've been close ever since we were kids. It's not weird or funny to have most of these places remind you of us.'' I mutter under my breath, crossing my arms; only looking down at her.

She chuckles, ''True.''

''Aidan, I think I miss?us. We used to run along and hide behind one of these trees but now, we're far away from behind able to relive that. I don't mean it that we should travel through time and go through it all over again but it's weird how time flies, '' She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

Our eyes meet again but this time, she seems to glance down at my lips for a few times. I've been with different women to understand the meaning when they glance or stare at my lips but I'm not so sure with Kenna. What if I'm just confused? What if there's just ketchup on my lips and she's somehow grossed out about but silently dreading?

Being with different women has given me experience in certain things but how can I not think of anything when it comes to Kenna? Even when she's flipping her hair or bite her lower lip, I can't help but to feel mesmerised than?turned on. Is that normal?

I glance down at her lips before realising that I'm currently leaning closer and closer towards her before brushing my nose against hers.

That's?it. I begin to hesitate as I feel her soft lips meet mine before slowly moving my lips in sync, leading the kiss. One of my hands run up to the side of her face, trying to make sure that I'd be able to feel how?real?this is than thinking of it as a dream.

We've kissed before. Mostly, in front of others but I can't feel the ecstasy in my veins before until now. The way she leans her body forward towards mine as she remains still at her spot while I cup onto her face. . . it feels like the?first?for us.

Slowly, I begin to pull away; trying to see the look on her face.

''I was just testing my kissing skill, '' She says in a hurry before clearing her throat. ''Thanks for that, '' She adds, looking up at the night sky while I stare and furrow my eyebrows, dumbfounded by her sudden reaction but a smile creeps up on my face.

''No problem, '' I clear my throat. ''Always here to help a?friend, '' At the end, I bump my arm against her shoulder before shoving both of my hands into my jeans' pockets, turning around as I gesture for her to follow up.

Just as I'm not facing her anymore, I mentally slap myself at the word 'friend' after what we did.

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