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   Chapter 17 Chapter Seventeen

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''Where the?hell?did I put it?'' I mutter under my breath before letting out a deep sigh, searching through the crowded drawers.

I've spent an hour and a half to look for the bracelet ever since we got home while Kenna and Dimitri are busy unpacking. Their laughters are heard from above and I try my best not to be bothered by their chatters, laughters and even their arguments as I search my entire room for the friendship bracelet.

How can something. . . pink go unnoticed? The last time I saw it was probably two years ago, when I got new drawers and decided to place all of my 'unnecessary' stuff in there. Unfortunately, the bracelet is not really unnecessary, at the moment. It's like my whole life depends on that bracelet because truth be told, I don't want to disappoint her.

Wandering around my room and going through each drawer including my walk-in closet has caused my room to be a mess. Clothes, shoes and even bags are scattered on the floor in different directions, almost leaving the drawers empty in order for me to find the bracelet, easier.

With a deep sigh escaping my lips, my eyes wander to the top of the drawer near the wall. Within seconds, I begin to realise the pink material which causes my eyes to widen before running towards it—somehow, couldn't really believe the fact that it has been sitting here all along, instead of being in one of the drawers.

As I grab it, I start to eye our names, making me smile down at the bracelet. For some reason, I don't understand why I had given up the opportunity to wear it all along through our high school years and university because I was bothered by what other people would think than be bothered by how much this bracelet means a lot to Kenna.

Kenna, heart, Aidan.

It appears more like a couple's bracelet than a friendship bracelet. Then again, it should't have bothered me—the colour shouldn't have caused me to lie.

Just like that, I slide it down to my wrist, seeing it fit perfectly. My mind travels back to when Kenna was busy trying to measure my wrist and little did I know. . . it was for the sake of this bracelet, in order for her to make sure it fits.

As an adult, the colour seems to not bother me. In fact, pink looks good with tanned skin.

Ignoring all of the mess I've made in my room, I quickly walk straight towards Kenna's room which was previously my game room. The door is left ajar which causes me to peek a little, seeing Dimitri checking out the boxes while Kenna is busy changing the bed sheets, leaving me to slowly enter the room.

''There you are, '' Dimitri says without looking. ''I thought you were slacking off because you didn't want to help or worse. . . you were kidnapped, '' He pretends to be surprised as he takes out one of Kenna's books from the box and place them in the bookshelf.

Actually, this room was being cleaned out a couple of weeks before the wedding because I wanted to make sure she gets whatever she needs. Other than that, I also bought a few more furniture such as a new bed, new drawers and I even got a walk-in closet installed. There's actually a surprise inside but I'm pretty sure she hasn't checked it out, yet.

I read online about how much women tends to love makeup and Kenna is one of them. So, I got her a makeup vanity inside the walk-in closet, filled with new clothes and shoes that has been picked out by Mia. She helped designed the room and chose the furniture because she said she knows best. . . with woman's intuition.

''Dimitri, do you mind going downstairs to take my phone?'' I ask, immediately causing him to lift his head and raise an eyebrow at me. ''It's in the kitchen, on the counter, near the fridge. I also got Flynn to go grocery shopping a few days ago, I think the fridge's full.'' I add, slowly.

Both of his eyes wander around the room before landing back on me, his lips curving up into a small smirk. ''Did you just say. . . fridge?'' He asks, standing up.

''Did I stutter?'' I raise an eyebrow.

Within seconds, he is already walking out of the door and straight down the stairs, leaving Kenna and I, all by ourselves. Kenna seems to be making the bed before turning to look at me, her eyebrows furrowed as she looks for Dimitri who has disappeared downstairs.

''Where did he go? I thought he was supposed to help me unpack, '' She crosses her arms while I hide my left hand behind my back, unseen by her—the same hand that I'm currently wearing our friendship bracelet.

''He went downstairs for awhile, '' I reply and she nods, trying to get back and fill the drawers with her clothes. ''Actually, I found something. . . spent time looking for it as soon as we got back but I found it and I think you'll be surprised, '' I continue to speak, getting her attention.

''What is it?'' She raises an eyebrow, her lips curving up.

The distance between us are getting less

I would really appreciate if you stay out of our personal lives and let us discuss it some other time. Besides, we have all the time in the world to go on our honeymoon, right? Why should we rush it?'' I fake a large grin.

''Why should you wait?'' She raises an eyebrow, ''For all I remember, your brother and your sister-in-law was ecstatic to go on their honeymoon because they couldn't stay away from each other but you two. . . seems to not be bothered by it, at all?'' She adds.

If we want this marriage to work for a year and fool them, we have got to keep up with our lies and actings. Sooner or later, they might get suspicious especially mother. She knows when things are wrong or when she's being fooled unless Kenna and I do a really good job at it.

''We thought maybe in a year, '' I blurt out.

Kenna chuckles, ''Yeah. . . we talked about it but we never really confirmed it. Both of us are very busy with our careers and we seem to understand that. We both know how important it is to spend some quality time together and rushing it would be quite, the opposite.'' She breathes.

My eyes wander down to see Kenna playing with her fingers, she would only do that whenever she's nervous or uneasy and right now, she's feeling both. Spontaneously, I grab onto her hand and smile down at her; mother instantly catching the sudden action which causes her lips to curve up into a smile.

Dimitri, on the other hand, stays silent as he eyes us with a smirk.

''What about you two come along to Texas?'' Mother asks, causing both Kenna and I to drop our smiles and it seems like we're currently picking up our jaws on the floor.

''Didn't we just say that we're busy?'' I furrow my brows.

''Why. . . your father and I are celebrating our anniversary next week. Your brother, your sister-in-law, Ava and Mia are also tagging along. Why won't you two come, too? It'll be great. Besides, it has been awhile since both of you went back to my hometown. We'll be having so much fun, don't you think?'' She continues to speak while I turn to look at Kenna.

''We can't, '' Kenna and I reply in unison.

True, it has been years since Kenna and I went back to Dallas. In fact, we went there together when we were both ten—it was sixteen years ago! We were having a great time there and it was a great experience but that was the last time we ever go back, things started to change and my family got busier, we forgot where we came from.

Specifically saying, where both mother and father came from.

Mother starts to stand up as she lets out a deep sigh, ''I'm going to say this one more time. You two have forgotten about the importance of family. So, let me repeat. . . Aidan, your father and I will be celebrating our anniversary in Dallas. We'll all be there except for you and your wife but I expect otherwise.''

She continues to speak, ''No matter how busy you are or how important that work of yours, your family will always comes first because they've always been there for you. Not your career, not your employees and not your clients. I hope you'll realise that, '' She adds.

Then, she turns to Kenna with a small smile on her face before heading towards the door, leaving the three of us, utterly speechless at our spots.

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