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   Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven

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''Sixty-five thousand dollars?!'' I exclaim before turning to look at Aidan who seems slightly surprised at my sudden outburst while my mother and Diana are discussing with our wedding planner but has turned to look at me, causing him to cup onto my mouth.

He smiles at them as he pulls me towards the back of the wall and instantly making me push his hand away before trying to control my voice without causing a scene, ''I changed my mind and I don't want to have a wedding here, anymore. Sixty-five thousand dollars is a huge deal for me. . . Aidan, and you know that more than anyone else, '' I say, frowning.

''Well, your list was filled with expensive venues and you expect otherwise?'' He raises an eyebrow, leaving me speechless. ''You knew about the price of renting the public library. At least fifty thousand dollars and you didn't say anything about it earlier?'' Both of his brown eyes are looking back at me with slight justice, knowing I was too excited to notice the price.

I stutter, ''Maybe. . . I didn't realise how expensive it was fifteen minutes ago. Now, I really just want to get the?hell?out of here and find somewhere else to held the wedding.''

Honestly, I've forgotten about how badly mad I am in trying to keep things at bay especially when it comes to spending money. Ever since my family went through a terrible experience with the company, I was too scared and probably in vain on spending money carelessly.

Yes, it's not going to be a problem for Aidan because it would not affect him, financially. Both of our parents are currently successful in their business and spending sixty-five thousand dollars on renting a venue for the wedding would not even be an issue for them. No matter how hard they will try to persuade me on agreeing, I'd still feel a slight regret.

''No, we're going to have the wedding here and that's final. Kenna, just try to really be open about this and just tell me what the?hell?you want. This is me, trying to repay you for helping me in this and I want you to know how sincere I am, '' He replies, ''The ring, the dresses, the wedding plans, just please don't hesitate to go through with it. Don't bother about the prices, ''

''You know why I'm like this, '' I mutter.

''I know and I want you stop being like this. It's not because I want you to carelessly spend money on unnecessary things but I want you to plan the wedding to your heart's content. Don't hold yourself back because of the price or how badly you think it might burn a hole in my pocket because this is going to be your day, '' He grabs onto my hand, ''It's not going to last forever but at least it's going to be a part of our friendship, '' He adds.

That's the thing. Spending a lot of money on something that wouldn't last for more than a year has made me question it, endlessly. What's the whole point on renting a public library? If, the whole marriage isn't going to last nor will it be a huge part of our lives—just to help him go through the phase. . . of his mother's undeniably request.

''Is everything alright?'' We both turn to look at my mother who seems worried. She raises an eyebrow at me before smiling, ''The public library is available to rent for your wedding. You can start planning the decorations in a few days, '' She continues to speak.

''I'll go and settle the bill, '' Aidan says, caressing the side of my cheek with the back of his hand before making his way towards our wedding planner, Marie. My eyes wander back to my mother who seems a little bit confused yet she stays quiet, noticing that the venue is bothering me to a point, I can't even come to accept it.

''I know what you're thinking but your father and I are doing very well for the past years. What happened when you were little was very terrible but we've been fine and we will, too for the years to come. Ever since your father joined with Marc, he has never complained about any financial problems. You should worry less, sweetheart.'' She rubs onto my arm.

Marc Ashton, the man behind it all and also Aidan's father. He was the one who helped bring my parents' business back up on track when they were slowly going bankrupt. Everything has been going on well very and I can't seem to deny that but for some reason, I'm just too traumatic about it on ever happening again.

It's not the money that I'm worry about but the worries in my parents' faces. They were really devastated about it and it was killing me—as a child, for not being able to help them. They were arguing more and more every single day, affected me, too and they wouldn't even stop talking about how much money they were losing with every passing mi

ing my hand as I receive it.

Just as he starts to walk away towards his car, ''Are you guys still arguing about dessert?'' Diana asks, stopping him in his steps—turning back to look at us.

''Of course, not.'' He shoves both of his hands in his slacks' pockets, ''What makes you think that the argument was serious?'' He asks.

''Oh, you know. . . maybe because you didn't give Kenna a kiss but instead you gave her your credit card.'' She replies, pulling onto my mother's arm as they both walk away towards the other shop near the bakery—Marie trailing behind them, somehow?giving us space.

Aidan and I gaze up at each other as he starts to make his way towards me, slowly lessening the distance between us; making me stand still at my exact spot. ''They're looking at us through the shop's window, aren't they?'' I ask, causing him to glance up at the shop's direction before chuckling and nodding his head, lightly.

''You know them so well, '' He breathes out.

Due to the differences of our heights, I am left looking up at him as he looks down at me. Both of his brown eyes are staring down into mine—leaving me realise how they're actually lighter than normally because of the sunlight shining brightly above our heads.

Our gaze are interrupted by the sudden sound coming from his phone, making him glance down at the screen before sighing. He clenches his jaw for awhile as he leans forward towards me, ''I'm going to kiss you, okay? They're watching, '' He whispers near my ear.

My lips curve up into a smile after chuckling, ''Go ahead. Knock yourself out, ''

Within seconds, both of his hands go up to cup my face as his lips meet mine. Our lips move in sync—surprising me with the softness of his. He tilts his head to the side, in order for him to kiss me, easily before pulling himself back for a few seconds; his droopy eyes meeting mine.

He glances down at my lips before leaning in again for a couple of seconds. Then, I am left feeling the warmth of his hands radiating to my face as he starts to pull away; making me open my eyes at the sight of his lips turning into a darker yet pinkish colour.

''Have fun, '' He smiles.

''Drive safe.'' I reply as he starts to walk away, unlocking his car before entering. Then, he has already drove away—leaving me staring at the empty parking spot.

As I turn around, I am left looking at Diana and my mother exiting the shop with multiple shopping bags in their hands; making me furrow my brows before smiling. They both look up at me as their eyes wander around to look for something or more specifically, someone.

''He left, already?'' My mother asks.

''Yeah. Don't tell me you guys weren't practically staring at us?'' I raise an eyebrow as they both chuckle, entering the car—completely ignoring my question.

''Come on, dear. We have to find you the perfect wedding dress!'' Diana exclaims with excitement, seconds before I enter the car; leaving me wonder back to when I was a kid, talking about weddings with my old school friends. Mostly about our wedding dress and how we would end up meeting our prince charming.

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