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   Chapter 7 Chapter Seven

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With a deep breath, I raise my right hand to press onto the doorbell but as my finger is inches away, the door swings open; revealing Kenna who's currently putting studs on her ears. She eyes down my suit and tie, a smile plastered on her face before gesturing for me to come in.

''That was quick, '' I say as she closes the door behind us. Then, I turn to see her making her way towards the kitchen, glancing at herself in the mirror.

Kenna chuckles as my eyes wander around her apartment, everything seems to be the same except for the sofa; it was not leather, before. Just as I'm about to ask her about the sudden change of sofa, I am left speechless as she turns to look at me—the beauty she holds mesmerises me, the dress glittering due to the downlight shining brightly.

It's not just her dress but it's?her. The way her makeup enhances her face to make it more appealing than changing her natural features, she is an absolute goddess. My heart begins to beat utterly fast as I only stand and stare at her without her realising how much I see beneath her beautiful features, she's perfect. . . breathtakingly, perfect.

I gaze down her tanned skin, surprised by how they're glowing and somehow matching with the highlight on her cheekbones—leaving me clearing my throat as her lips begin to speak words I'm not able to comprehend or hear due to being lost in a world of my own.

''So. . . I smacked him again, '' She says, chuckling softly. ''I mean, he was being fairly annoying and I had no other choice—we both know how Dimitri is whenever he sees me. He acts like a different person. . . babbling and just saying things I don't even want to know, '' She adds.

''Yeah, he's like that.'' I mutter after clearing my throat again, catching her attention after seeing her raising an eyebrow at me before taking a few steps towards me. ''What?'' I ask as soon as I realise how close we are, letting me uncomfortably shift.

She places the back of her hand on my forehead, ''Do you have a fever? A sore throat?'' She asks, making me roll my eyes and push her hand away. Our faces are inches apart but I pay no attention to her eyes nor even her lips because the lesser the distance, the more uncomfortable I'm currently feeling which causes me to take a couple of steps back, surprising her.

''I'm good, perfect. . . wonderful.'' I reply, fixing my suit as she shrugs, looking at herself in the mirror again—ignoring me, completely which eases me more.

There's nothing in my mind nor my heart other than my acceptance towards her beauty. She is very stunning. . . spectacular. Tonight, this time, right?now, I admit she is by far the most beautiful woman I've ever met and no one is going to top her anytime soon. She's at it.

''Can you help me?'' She asks, making me turn to look at her. My eyes wander to her hands and seeing that she's currently pointing behind her neck, asking me to help her tie the dress which leaves me nodding, slowly making my way towards her with both of my hands tying the dress without wanting to make any skin contact yet I fail, miserably.

I look down at her back, clenching my jaw before pulling away as soon as I'm done.

She turns towards me, ''How do I look? My hair? My makeup? My dress? Everything looks fine to you or do I need to change? You can be honest with me. . . I don't mind, '' She asks, her eyes are widening with every words escaping her mouth before receiving a nod from me.

''You look beautiful, Kenna.'' I reply, the compliment sincerely heading towards her with a smile appearing on my face which causes her to smile back. Both of us are staring at one another for a few seconds before letting me break the eye contact and make my way towards the front door, gesturing for her to step out whenever she's ready.

Ever since Kenna and I agreed to the agreement or more specifically, the contract, I've never paid much attention to other women in particularly for. . . enjoyment. I've kept myself busy and mostly focus on work other than enjoying my time like how I used to with Dimitri before the contract was made.

There's no way I'm going to ruin the possibility of my mother to stop asking me about my life, my commitment and my marriage with a temporary satisfaction. It's just a temptation that I have to endure for a year for the sake of my present and future. Of course, it includes my long-term friendship with Kenna because I don't want to ruin that, either.

Just as we make our way towards my car, I am left opening the door for her as she steps inside. . . slowly, not wanting to ruin her dress. Within seconds, I'm already sitting in the driver's seat with my left hand on the steering wheel and the other pressing onto the button to start the car's engine.

Then, we're on the road.

''Aidan, '' She calls out for my name which causes me to glance at her direction, ''Do you think they'll believe us? Do you think we'll be able to play the role until the contract is over? What if we suddenly fail. . . don't you think that's a risk we don't want to take?'' She asks, the same questions that has been bothering me, ever since.

I keep quiet for a few seconds before speaking, ''It's unlikely for us to fail and the chances of them not believing us is also low. Remember when my mother wanted us to get married just because I couldn't stop seeing you? I couldn't even go on a week without even seeing you once. Do you remember that?'' I ask, seeing her smiling as she nods.

''Senior year. I can never forget that, '' She replies.

g Kenna look at me as she winks.

My lips curve up into a smile at her idea, making me realise just how cheeky and perfect it turned out to work. No?explanation needed.

Mother finally let go of Kenna before turning towards me, ''You should've told me you've always loved Kenna. It would've been easier for me to just meet her parents and go straight ahead plan the wedding without troubling myself with all those unnecessary dates!'' She says as she pulls me in for a hug, ''Why have you been keeping it a secret?'' She asks.

''What secret?'' I ask as she pulls away.

''That you and Kenna are together!'' She replies and everyone in the room begin to utter whisper. My eyes wander to look at Mia who is currently looking at me, confusingly. ''When did he propose? How did he propose? Please, don't tell me that the proposal was?shitty.'' She asks, Kenna who starts to laugh while others chuckle.

''After you threatened me, mother. I couldn't marry anyone else because I started to realise just how much I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Kenna. You made me realise that, '' I answer instead of Kenna as she smiles beside me, ''I can't love anyone else but her, '' I add.

''So, you've been keeping your relationship a secret? For how long?'' She continues to ask which leaves me blank before turning to look at Kenna who masks a smile, completely nailing this whole act. ''I'm sorry because if I have known, I wouldn't have asked you to go on those terrible dates.'' She frowns.

''We weren't dating, '' Kenna replies, ''Actually, I've always liked him but we were friends and I didn't want to ruin our friendship. Then, when he proposed. . . I realised just how much he feels the same way, too.'' She answers without a single doubt appearing on her face or from the sound of her voice which leaves me turning towards my mother again.

Harley, grins widely at Kenna as she pulls her in for a hug. ''Congratulations! You two have always been great for each other. . . but too clueless, probably. Come on, you have to tell me the details and when I said details, I want to know everything.'' She says and begin to walk away towards Alain and Mia who seems, too surprised.

Mother turns towards me, ''I'm glad it's her.''

''Were you secretly expecting me to bring Kenna?'' I ask and she chuckles before nodding her head, leaving me clearing my throat—not liking the fact that they actually like about this a little bit too much, especially mother.

''I've always wanted you to end up with Kenna, Aidan. You two have been inseparable ever since you started kindergarten and I can't help but notice how much you two were really made for each other. . . I can't deny that and now, you two are engaged, I know that I wasn't wrong.'' She replies, ''And, I have just the perfect date for your wedding.''

My eyes widen at the word 'wedding' before raising an eyebrow, ''Wait a second, what? What do you mean, wedding?'' I quickly ask.

''How about next month?'' She asks without even answering my question which leaves me completely blank and utterly speechless, not knowing what to say.

''No. I think that's too early, '' I mutter.

''Don't be silly. You guys have known each other for two decades and I don't think you two need to wait any longer. Just tie the knot, Aidan. . . stop looking for excuses. You've found the one and she has always been in front of you the whole time, why wait?'' She pulls me in for a hug again, ''I'm really happy for you and I can't wait to help you two plan!''

My eyes meet Kenna's as she talks to Harley and Mia before running my index finger across my neck as a sign that 'we're dead' which causes her smile to drop immediately.

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