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   Chapter 6 End

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Updated: 2019-01-16 23:29

He suddenly blurted out sorry. I looked at him. Disbelief. I smirked. I said I accept his apology long ago. When he close the door with our divorce paper.

He cried. Hard. He was so sorry. He said he miss me. He want to get back together. But I rejected it right away. One day, you throw me out of your life. And now, you want me back? In your wildest dream.

I'm wondering. Does he have a hobby of getting back together with his exes. I'm his ex-wife now. And he's chasing after me.

He suddenly blurted out love word. I laughed at his confession. Don't joke with me. When I told him I love him, he said he doesn't even love me. Even when we have been together for almost 3 years!

He keeps on begging. I just shrug it off. And leave him. He chase me again. Begging again and again. I was so furious. I told him, when I still love him, I let him go. Now, he also should let me go.

He was stunned. I took the oppo

o let my son know about his father.. But too bad. It's too late.

Before that, he said to go to our house. There's something for me. He had left a note. Which have a year when they were written.

It was 2 years ago. A year after our last day. The note said that we never divorced. He never sign the paper. He never married his ex-girlfriend.

Lastly he said, he love me. He is just too dumb to realize it. He regret everything. But he's not here anymore. Maybe it's our fate...

That is why, until today I still didn't remarried. It's only him. Always him. Forever will be him.

Goodbye, Rest in peace.

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