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   Chapter 5 We Meet Again

Our Fate By rynz Characters: 2762

Updated: 2019-01-16 23:28

It's that time... The company annual dinner. I'm okay going to the dinner since we will not meet anyway since I'm now at another branch. I brought my 2 years old son with me. He's loved by many with his cuteness overload.

Excuse for my ignorance. I didn't read it carefully. The invitation card already stated that it is dinner for the entire company! Which include another branch will also joining.

But I just noticed about the all get together dinner when my ex-colleague were there too. I asked them what are they doing here. They just told me it is company dinner.

Shoot! My son!! I hope he won't be here.

But it's too late. He's already here. Looking dashing as ever. He's alone.

I know. It's been a year. But why am I still stuck loving him. I excuse myself to go to the toilet. I leave my son with my roommate cum my colleague. She's my son's step mom.

I called her that since she's really fierce outside. And step mom fit her.

After I get back to the hall, I searched for my son. He's nowhere in my view.

In the verge of tears, I search all around the hall. My son is my life now. Suddenly I heard kid's cry. I search where the sounds coming from.

Finally I met him. My son. In the hand of his father... I was shocked. Too shocked to say anything.

I just look at far away my ex-husband coaxing my baby. When did he get my son? Did he know som

ething? Why didn't he bring his wife here when he brought her when they didn't even get married last year? All the question linger in my mind.

I took a courage and face him. It's been a year. He stills look the same. He was stunned a moment he saw me. Thanks to my son, I now have more plumper body which I think doesn't suit me.

I smile at him and ask for my son. He gave my son to me and look at both of us. One after another. He finally asked if it's my son.

I said. Yes. It's my son. He was shocked. He then calculated something in his mind and his finger. I knew. He's calculating the time when did I get pregnant.

I just leave him. After I took a step away, he hold my arms. He look into my eyes.

I'm scared.

What if he want to take my son? I shook my arm off him. He hold me tighter. He suddenly pulled me.

I'm in his embrace now. With my baby. I try to free myself. But he embrace us even tighter. I finally let it down. My tear.

We stayed like that for a minute before he hold my chin. Make me look at him. I look at him. Trying not to show my feeling towards him.

He suddenly kiss my forehead. I was stunned before I slap him. I told him to let us go. Like I let him go year ago.

He's nothing to me now. That's what I let it out. But inside. I'm still longing for him. But I know. I didn't stand a chance. So I just let the hope fly by.

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