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   Chapter 4 Pathetic

Our Fate By rynz Characters: 2436

Updated: 2019-01-16 23:26

Whenever I get back from work, I will look at his car, at the basement. That's the car we used to ride together. But now, its passenger is that girl.

I knew I should hold a grudge against that girl. But no. I'm too lazy to care about her. She got my husband. And that's it.

Finally, it's our annual dinner. It's the same dinner like when we first met. I wait for him at the entrance.

I saw his car coming. But the girl is also there. Sitting at the passenger's seat. I finally go inside the hall by myself.

He brought that girl with her daughter. They look happy together. No. They basically looks like family of three! He cared for her daughter. So what am I hoping for? I try to avoid him as possible.

When I took a sip of red wine, my stomach hurts. I excuse myself and go to the toilet. There's blood coming between my legs.

I called my friend to bring me to the hospital. Glad we arrived at the hospital earlier. The doctor said I'm almost have a miscarriage. He said I'm too stressed. And the red wine that I drank at the dinner.

I was happy. I'm pregnant. It's our baby that we've been waiting for! But not now anymore.

Remembering how happy he is with the girl and his daughter make me


The next day, I go to the HR department. I told her to sent me to another branch of the company. She didn't asked me any further since there's a vacancy at another branch. I agreed to it right away.

I want to move on. Before my baby bump show up, it would be better for me to change my workplace.

Of course, before he notice it. I don't want to burden him with my pregnancy.

And of course. I don't want him to know about my baby. I will move to another branch after a month. I changed my phone number. Deactivated my social media account. And erase all the the trace of me before changing to another branch.

After 9 months struggling with the pregnancy, I finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I think I'm lucky enough my baby don't look like his father at all. Instead, he looks like me.

I'm happy now. With my son in my life, I feels complete. Now it's been about 3 years since our divorce.

I heard from my ex-colleagues that he is married now. I wish him a happy life and happy marriage. I totally vanish from his life.

I look at my sleeping son, kissing him. Hope we will have this happy life forever with only both of us. I hope my son understand that he didn't have a father.

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