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   Chapter 3 Facing the truth

Our Fate By rynz Characters: 2799

Updated: 2019-01-16 23:24

Finally, I took a courage. I face him. And told him I want a divorce. I gave him the paper that I already sign. He took it.

He asked me if I'm serious. I said I'm serious. I didn't let out any tears on my face when I confront him.

He finally told me everything. He always love her. His long last ex-girlfriend. Or should I say, his only soul.

I asked. Why did he marry me if he still love her. He just told me. To move on. He believe if he is with me, he will eventually forget about her. But no. When they meet, he suddenly forgot about my existence.

I hold my tears hearing his answer. I asked him again. Did he ever fall in love with me?

His answer is simple. No. But he tried. Then reality hit me. He never said the love word to me. It's always me.

I finally knew, it's me who is between them. They love each other. So what am I holding the marriage for?

I told him, I love him. But he just said sorry to me. He used me. To forget about her. I gave up. I asked for a goodbye kiss.

When our lips almost touch, suddenly his phone rang. He stopped and look at the caller. It's that girl. I cursed. Silently. Her daughter is having a fever and asked him to sent them to the hospital.

He took the signed paper and take a step to leave the house. I look at his figure. Hoping he will look back and tear off the paper.

But no. He just leave me. Alone. He is in hurry anyway

. He also forgot about our goodbye kiss. His lovely girl calling for him. I finally broke down in tears. He don't care anymore.

I hope he notice how I'm hopelessly crying over him. But that's just my wishful thinking.

I took my luggage. Packed all my clothes and things which I bought with my own pocket money. I am ready. Ready to leave.

I look around the house for the last time. It still feels like a dream. Living here happily. Make love at every corner of the house. But now, look at this house. It feels empty. There's no laugh anymore. Just sadness all over.

I took off our wedding ring and the anniversary ring he gave me and put it at the dining table. Goodbye.

I took a week off from the company to calm myself. My family knew about us. My father was so angry with him. But I told him, it's me who asked for it.

Week passed, and I got back to work. My colleagues knew about us. But they didn't ask a thing. They just talk to me normally.

One day, I just randomly update a status at my social media which I rarely surf when we were married. I just posted saying I'm strong woman. Then, my ex-husband leave a comment.

With one of his comment, I start to update more status just for him to notice me. Yes. I need his attention. But after a week, he didn't left any comment.

I know. I'm pathetic. After he stop leaving the comment, I also stop update any status.

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