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   Chapter 2 He changed

Our Fate By rynz Characters: 2536

Updated: 2019-01-16 23:22

After a month of their first encounter, my husband suddenly told me to get back home by my own. He used to drive me. But then, I need to drive by myself. He said he will have an overtime since our company have a big project coming on.

I trust him. The next day, he bring me out. We had a date like we used to. There's nothing different in our date. He's treating me like usual. Loving and caring.

After our date, we got home. Suddenly his phone rang. He looked at the caller and excuse himself. He used to answer the call in front of me while we cuddling. But not now. I'm wondering, who's the caller?

But I know, I just try to convince myself. It's probably that girl. I feel pity for her too. But, her husband cheat on her. Do she have to make my husband cheat on me too?

I try to talk about it to him. But he just got angry at me. When I'm sulking, he will coax me with sweet words. I'm easy. I accept his apology right away. I'm not sure I'm that easy or an ignorant human.

But I love him.

One day, his friend told me he had been off work on time now. I just nodded. It's weird. I'm home after work. Prepare his dinner but he will be back in the middle of the night.

Didn't he back on time now? Why didn't he be at home? I always sent him a te

xt. Asking his whereabouts. He will just reply at work.

I text his colleagues. His colleagues said he's not at the office. I just keep quiet about it.

There's a woman's scent at his work attire. And he will be home with his shirt crippled all over. I know what he is doing behind me. But I just shook it off.

It's all because I love him. I will wait for his explanation. But no. He never said anything to me.

I look at myself in the mirror. Thinking, am I too ugly for his liking after staying together for more than a year? Is he already get bored living with me?

But, didn't he and his ex-girlfriend been together for a long time? Didn't he get bored too being with her?

I spend my fortune buying skincare and makeup. Buying some sexy lingerie to seduce him. Me buying the lingerie works. But while we're making love, he accidentally let out that girl's name.

While he's having his orgasms, my mind is not there anymore. He didn't notice his mistakes and just sleep after our love making. Or should I said, his only love making with his imaginary ex-girlfriend.

I cried silently. I'm tired. Too tired. I decided. I need to let him go. He's not thinking about me anymore. He didn't care about me anymore. There's no us in his life anymore.

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