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   Chapter 1 How we met

Our Fate By rynz Characters: 2505

Updated: 2019-01-16 23:14

I don't know how many years have passed. It's about him, my late husband. He's not here anymore. Leaving us, in this world. It's hard. I know. But reality hurts.

I don't know what I did wrong. What I lacks. Am I just too boring. I just can't find my fault here.

We met at company dinner. He's a head department at the company. Both of us is from different department.

He is the one who hit on me first. Eventually, we hit off right away. After being friend for half a year, he suddenly asked me to be his girlfriend.

Our feeling is mutual. I like him at first sight. But too scared to go further our relationship. Scared I'm the one who feel this way. So, when he finally confessed, I agreed to it right away.

After a year of dating, he finally proposes for marriage. I can't help myself. I love him. So I agreed.

Our marriage life is like any other couple. We try to take thing slow. A misunderstanding between both of us is normal. But we talked about it. So the fight didn't take a long time.

We were happy. But look at me now. I'm alone. No, I'm not alone. I have my son with me. My ex husband didn't know about it.

I just knew about my pregnancy after I sign the papers and he take it with him. Since he's happy now.. I do

n't want my baby to have any relationship with him. And he also can't know about my son.

When we were dating, we will have lunch together. All the staff at the company knew about our relationship. And we start to living together at the second month of our relationship.

After a month of marriage, we had lunch with each other's departments. Since he's from different department. But out relationship have no problem at all. We just agreed to have dinner together at home.

Cuddling and make love is our routine. We never had enough of each other. But what did I do wrong? I gave all my love to him. My body and soul. But he didn't notice it.

One day, he told me. He met his ex-girlfriend. They had known each other since they were young. But end their relationship because the girl need to get married with another man her parents arranged. But their marriage didn't last long. She is a single mother now. She is working at the cafe near our company.

My husband told me, they exchanged number with each other. Since then, he had been holding his phone all day. I know I'm stupid to hold the marriage. But I had to. I love him. And he is honest too. He told me that they got in touch back together. So I don't have a reason to hate him.

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