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   Chapter 5 Five

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"That. Was. A. Mistake." He enunciated each word as the intent to murder me painted his eyes. I swallowed hard and tried to move away from him but he was only too quick to grab my wrist and pull me closer until I could see his carotid artery pulsing. He was really mad and I could not even imagine what he would do next.

"I—I told you to leave but you didn't listen, " I defended, hoping he would understand my perspective. This man was going to kill me in the near future or perhaps he would kill me this very minute because I punched him.

His eyes narrowed to resemble slits. "And you think I will listen to you?"

Before I could respond, Damon pushed me down until I was lying flat on the floor. He sat on top of me so that he was straddling me. My heart—which had been dead since forever—pounded against my ribcage. Strange, since I'd been cursed I had been noticing just how human I really was. I never noticed my heart beating or my pulse racing but with Damon and this curse, it was all I could feel.

"Wh—What are you doing?" I asked, trying my best not to be afraid of this man but I had never encountered a vampire hunter before and that too someone who was as dangerous as this one. Because let's face it, even though he saved my life, Damon was still a threat to me and I had to be careful, but my body refused to listen to me if the punch I just threw was any indication.

"Let's take a look at this wound, shall we?" He said as he gingerly pushed a few strands of hair aside until he exposed my bleeding wound.

"You don't need to do that. It'll be fine in a while, " I said, all the while wondering why has he not killed me yet.

My eyes widened when he produced a knife out of nowhere and placed it against my neck. Where did that come from?

"Shh, not a word from you now or I will slowly run this knife until I slice your neck ear to ear. And believe me it is not going to be an enjoyable experience considering the blade is soaked in poison. So either you shut up or you scream in agony, your call, " he stated.

When he got no reply from me, he took my silence as an answer and gave me a sinister smile. I narrowed my eyes at him, knowing that if I ever came out of this—the curse I mean—then I would kill him first. We barely knew each other and yet he was acting like this. What a jerk!

I winced when he touched the wound and tried to pull away but with his weight on top of me it was impossible to move. No matter what Damon said, I was no different than a human now and I did not know how I was going to get out of that.

But Damon paid no heed to that. He pulled out a first aid kit from under the bed, opened it and pulled out some bandages and some antiseptic. I watched transfixed as he cleaned the wound before applying some ointment on it and then finishing it off with a bandage.

"There. Now I don't have to worry about you bleeding to death, " he announced before getting off and standing up.

"Great. Now you can leave me, " I muttered and stood up, dusting off my clothes.

"Leave you?" He scoffed as I were an idiot for even suggesting such a thing. "No. I think I want to show you something. Come on."

Damon did not bother waiting for my response, just grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the room. Seriously, why was he being so weird with me? He clearly despised me and yet he tended to my wound and did not kill me when I punched him in the face.

"Where are you taking me? I demanded to know but he just kept walking, dragging me alongside him. What kind of a cryptic man was he? Why did he have to be so mysterious?

My heart sank when Damon dragged me down to the basement and stopped. All I could see was rows and rows of prison cells, which frankly, made me want to throw up. What was going on? Was he finally going to torture me? Was that why he brought me here?

"Do you see this?" He gestured at the cells with his arms, a proud smile on his face. "Behold! This is what I do to my prisoners."

"So that's why you brought me here? To torture me? Well finally, I thought you were all talk and no action." I mocked, knowing that I was making a big mistake by provoking the beast but I could not help myself.

Damon flashed me a deadly glare before composing himself. "I brought you here to show you something." He again did that thing where he did not wait for my response and just grabbed my hand and dragging me with him.

Even though I wanted to avoid looking inside the cells, it was like my eyes were a glutton for punishment and misery because I stared at each cell transfixed, witnessing the horror that laid inside them.

Vampires. Fifty to hundred vampires, in every shape, size and breed imaginable. Some cells contained more than two, others just one, but the state in which those vampires were in had tears pooling in my eyes. What was this? What was Damon doing to these vampires? How could he do something so heinous?

"You see this? This is what I do to your kind. And believe I intend to a lot more to every single one of these blood suckers. There is no way I will let them live, " he stated.

My emotions raged a war inside me. Anger, fear, sorrow, horror, all battled with their best weapons and all I could do was stand there like a statue and stare at the dying vampires. I wanted to hit Damon. I wanted to rip his throat out with my teeth and chew on his flesh while he begged me to have mercy on him. But I could not do any of it because I was cursed. If there was a way to reverse the curse, then I would do anything to get and kill Damon because he was too dangerous to be around.

"Wh—What is this?" I could barely get the words out of my mouth considering the lump that had formed in my throat. This man was not human. He was a monster. Damon was a bigger monster than all the vampires combined and he had the audacity to call me one.

"This is what should be done to creatures like you, " Damon answered.

No, he was wrong. No one deserved to be treated like this. How dare he say that my kind deserved this pain and torture. No, he did not deserve to live after this. But it was not like I could kill him because I barely had the strength to walk, let alone fight him.

What do I do? How can I save all these vampires?

"You will pay for this, " I said through gritted teeth. I could no longer think straight. All I knew was that I had to get these vampires out of here and I had to kill Damon for torturing them like this. I didn't even know what I was saying anymore, I just wanted

to kill Damon.

"No, I don't think I will. In fact, I think I should be paid for keeping the humankind safe from monsters like you. And just so know, you piss me off one more time and I will put you here. Perhaps I will give you a cell of your own so that other vampires don't have to witness the horrors I will inflict upon you, " he replied as if he was sharing some great idea.

After forcing myself to look away from the carnage residing in the cell, I glared at the man responsible for all this. I would make him pay for all this. I didn't know how and I didn't know when, I just knew that I could not let him get away with all this.

The last time I punched him was an accident, this time when I swung my wrist and my fist collided with his jaw, I was glad that it had met its mark.

Damon staggered back and I chose that moment to make a run for it. I did not care if he caught me and put me in a cell just like the other vampires, but right now I had to run and possibly to get away from him. Maybe I would be able to escape and die in peace somewhere in the wilderness.

"Get back here! How dare you try and run from me!" I heard Damon growl behind me which only made me run faster but not as fast as I would've liked since I had no energy. If I had my normal vampire agility, I would've been out of his home five seconds ago, but as it was I was using the bit of strength I had gotten from the witch's magic and I knew it wouldn't be long before Damon caught me and threw me in one of his cell to main and torture.

I had managed to land myself in the foyer before he caught me, spun me around and me pushed me down on the couch before climbing on top of me, trapping me between his thighs. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head until I couldn't move.

"Seriously, do my threats seem like a joke to you? I told you, if you piss me off one more time I will throw you in a cell like all the others and kill you and you still have the audacity to punch me a second time. Do you have a death wish?" He demanded, his eyes blazing with unkempt fury.

"Then do it. I dare you. Kill me because I am going to kill you for all that you have done to those vampires." I tried to wriggle out from under him but it was no use. Anger dominated my thoughts and all I wanted to do was lash out at him.

"You have lost your mind, " he said and the next I knew, Damon got up and pulled me with him. Then he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a rag doll and stormed upstairs. I kicked and punched but it was like hitting a wall and he did not make a single sound of pain.

Damon kicked the door open of a room and entered, throwing me on the bed. As soon as I sat up, I looked around, trying to figure out where I was but the room was empty except for the bed I was sitting on. What kind of a room was this? Why did it not have any furniture?

"Now you are going to stay here until you come back to your senses. Fucking vampires. You might not be able to suck my blood but you sure know how to suck my energy, " he complained.

"I wish I could suck your soul and feed your body to the dogs because that is all you deserve, " I snapped, glaring at him. How could I think that this man was kind just because he had some witch prolong my life when he was torturing innocent vampires? He was a vampire hunter; I knew it was his job to kill vampires but how dare he showcase their misery? How fucking dare, he?

"I don't think you will get the chance because I will kill you before that happens, " he retorted.

"Oh please do. After seeing what a monster you are, it is better if you kill me. I cannot believe you, I thought you were a good man since you prevented me from dying. Now I know you just did that for your sick amusement, " I hissed, cursing him a thousand times in my mind.

He laughed like I had told him the biggest joke. "Yo—You th—thought I am go—good man." He laughed some more before stopping abruptly and glaring at me once more. "The only reason I haven't killed you yet is because I want to know more about your curse. Once I have the information I need, then I will do with you exactly what I have done to all the others you just saw. So don't think for a second that I am not going to torture you until you beg me to kill you. I am keeping you alive for my own reasons and when those conditions are fulfilled I will kill you in the most painful way."

"I hope that you get your information quickly so I don't have to see your awful face anymore." I told him, wanting to sink my nails in his eyes and drag them out of their sockets.

"We will see about that. You are causing me a lot of trouble and I hope the witch gives me what I want before I lose control and kill you. That is going to be sad, considering I would not be able to obtain my information, " he responded, breezily.

"Screw you and your information." Since he mentioned that he had the ability to lose control, then I guess I would just have to make him do that. He might be strong and dangerous but he was human, and humans often lacked self-control.

"You wish but I don't fuck the dead, " he retorted before the sound of someone clearing their throat was heard.

One of the servant was standing with his back straight and eyes downcast as if he were presenting himself in front of a king and not a regular vampire hunter.

"Master Moonves, you have a guest who wishes to see you, " announced the man.

"Whoever it is can just come here. You can bring them here, " Damon replied. Moonves? His surname was Moonves? I filed that information away for later and waited to see who this guest was.

I bit my lip when a woman with purple hair and green eyes stepped out from behind the servant and smiled at Damon. Even though it was dark, I could still see everything clearly; perhaps the witch's magic had given me some of my vampire abilities back.

"Well, well, Amethyst. We were just talking about you." He kissed her cheek before the two of them fixed their eyes on me, making me feel like an insect under a microscope.

"Really? Well I wanted to come here as soon as possible because this curse is an interesting thing." The woman, Amethyst glanced at me. "She looks better today."

"All thanks to you."

"Excuse me? Who is she?" I asked my captor.

"This is Amethyst. She is the witch who prolonged your life. And she is the exact same person who will give me the information after which I will kill you. Say hello to her, " Damon answered.

Fuck my fangs!

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