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Demyan Point of View

Well, I'm not surprised she jumped.

She jumped!

Seriously she did!

Though it is not a surprise to me anymore, it is still a surprise.

Is that even possible?

I looked up to see her taking a vertical drop from the top of the tower, all the safety ropes attached in right places. She squealed and giggled when she was dangling in air.

"Dem Hubby, this is so wonderful! We need to try out couple jump next. Wow, I love it." She yelled from the top of her lungs still falling down in great speed.

Ah, I guess she loves extreme sports.

No wonder!

She does love sporting with extreme people like me.

Valdimir paled at the feat his hostage pulled on him. He must have never imagined this to happen even in the twenty-five million light years that the girl he was threatening to throw down the highest tower was actually looking forward to it.

Should I be proud of her or should I sigh in defeat?

Once her adventure came to an end, my men were waiting down near the trampoline to detach her from the safety ropes and bring her to me.

Egor already took care of the men who were surrounding us, taking distraction from Zinnia's jump to his advantage.

I had to stand there with the crazy ladies, one who is as crazy as Zinnia and the other who is getting crazy every passing minute thanks to Egor.

Once landing safely, scarecrow came towards me skipping lightly like a kid and hugged me tightly.

"I'm so hungry" She whined and I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

This is what she's going to say after being kidnapped for the second time?

Heavens my luck!

This is the kind of bravado that men in Mafia always look for in their woman but the case here is slightly different. This is the same kind of bravado that is making me less of a man in my case.

I was about to answer Zinnia when Valdimir along with his men came down running pointing all their guns towards me.

"Petrov, today I'm not going to leave you. Your wife is mad so she missed being killed painlessly but now both of you will feel the pain." Valdimir sneered at us and stepped towards me with a triumph grin, his men took down my men and surrounded us again.

He must be thinking that just because he surrounded us, he has us under his control. That he has an advantage. Does he think I'm a ninny who cannot lift a finger and fight?

I'm a Mafia King after all, and fighting tens of men at a time is a practice sport for me. Just because the scarecrow in my arms has a little crazy world that dominates his manliness, doesn't mean he was cut off from his man pride.

"This girl, your wife, is quiet a unique antique piece I've seen. Callisto did warn me about your peculiar wife but I did not take her for a mental patient. Who jumps down from such tall tower just because

her and ran towards the gun but he was a second early and took it and pointed right between my eyebrows.

I am not scared because I was in such situation many times and this is not anything new to me. I just need to make sure to twist my body and punch him in his guts. I tried the trick and punched him but my hand only made contact with something hard making me yelp in unexpected pain.

Did I just hit iron plate?

He was wearing a bullet proof iron shield. Dammit, I underestimated him.

What should I do now? I have very less options to get out from this spot. Egor is covering me and fighting Valdimir's minions.

There must be some way to get away from this situation. I looked confident and dead dangerous into the eyes of Valdimir. Though he was the one having the gun, I noticed fear in his eyes.

I was busy scaring him and he was busy threatening me when suddenly he was knocked down by a gun on his head. Valdimir lost his balance and fell down but is not knocked down completely. I looked back up towards the person who hit him and smirked at him winking him to continue.

He should've worn a helmet too. Fool!

"Mancini?" I heard surprise and accusing tone on Valdimir who was sprawled on the floor and looked between me and Callisto with wide surprised eyes.

"So, what is the result, Calli?" I asked still eyeing Valdimir.

"I got the keys to the locker and the password. We can kill him now." Callisto answered with a smirk and hit him on his again pushing Valdimir into unconscious state.

Well, let's just torture him before killing him. It's worth it.

I smiled at Callisto Raul Mancini, my second best friend and the second companion who suffered with me and Egor and streets and who was there for us at every step.

Callisto, My best friend but to world he is the second powerful Mafia leader also my rival.


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