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Zinnia point of view


Finally I'm in a place I always want to be.

The view from here is so pretty and darn it... I love it where I'm standing.

How I wish hubby gets here quickly so I can show him this beautiful place.

"What are you smiling at?" Valdimir guy questioned in a pissed off tone which made me chuckle.

This guy is so ignorant. How can you not smile when you look at beautiful scenery?

There is the whole city of Macau under my foot and it's so beautiful to look at the whole city from up here. And this ignorant guy is asking me what I'm smiling at.

I think I should teach him few life hacks to notice the beauty of nature.

"Hey V... How do you like to live in peaceful arms of solace in the jungle?" I asked turning back towards him a little and grinned at him.

Since he was holding my hands from my behind tightly, I couldn't turn completely but I can see enough of his angry face.

He needs nature to calm his inner agony. Don't know what caused such agony inside him but I want to cure him even though he tried to poison hubby.

Past is past. He tried to poison hubby and I returned his poison to him so the score is equal. Now I can only see a frustrated child in this forty something year man.

After all I'm wife of a monk and I need to be forgiving and kind to people like my hubby.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He asked in confusion and rubbed his head with his free hand.

See, he's having a headache too. This is bad. Anger makes people go through so many problems.

"Zinnia!" I heard my hubby's faint voice from far and I immediately looked down from the edge of Macau's bungee jumping tower.

Aww, hubby looks so good looking in wedding tuxedo. He looks like Avengers superhero. I'm in white wedding gown and I will look so good beside him. Yay!

"Dem hubby!. Hi!" I tried to wave my hand but immediately realized that my hands are not free. So I just grinned back at him and jumped a couple times in excitement of seeing my husband along with his best man and my both the bridesmaid.

"Zinnia, don't be scared. I'm here." He yelled from down for which I heard a scoff from V.

"Now that Dem is here, at least now you tell me why we are here. It's my second wedding day and I was supposed to be saying 'I do' by now." I told in a sad tone. I wanted to marry him in front of our family so desperately but V had to bring me here.

Its okay though, if groom is here, bride is here, family is here and Gods are up there sees us then we can marry anywhere with or without a priest.

"Ah, look who is here. Isn't the Mafia king who destroyed my life?" V yelled down to hubby in a weird tone.

Hubby destroyed V? How?

He looks fine to me; well dressed, stylish criminal like beard, not much natural hair but I think he got hair planted on his head and he looks well rested too.

Then how come he put a wrong allegation on my innocent hubby that he destroyed someone's life?

The Demyan Pe

ook for yourself?" I grinned at him with a raised eyebrow trying to tease him.

I hope this is how people tease each other. I did not tease anyone till now as I tried to tease my fellow classmates in high school but at that time eve teasing is considered illegal.

I am getting tired and bored now. I hardly had any food today and now I'm standing here from quite a long time. I don't like when people drag matters for a long time I prefer ending things in quick minutes.

"V, by the way, why are you fighting for a throne with my hubby? Can't you buy one for yourself? If you can't then I will but one for you. I'm currently so hungry so let's end this here." Hungry Zinnia is a tiger Zinnia. I get so cranky my stomach is empty and trust me when I say I can even eat a person when my hunger goes beyond control.

My stomach grumbled and I pouted at V who was getting annoyed every moment he looked at me.

"No I want your husband's throne only and for God's sake it's not just a chair, it's highest position in our circle. But since he is not giving it to me nicely, I will throw you from here so he can give it to me the hard way." Okay so he thinks I'm afraid of bungee jumping?

He should've at least asked if I'm afraid or not of this so he can be more confident. I don't have much patience right now with a grumbling stomach so I checked the safety belts around waist and with one look at Mr. Kidnapper and V, I jumped.

"I'm so hungry V. Once I eat something, I will spare as much time as you like over here. Let me go first eat something. You too have some food." With that I took a step forward and jumped from the tower and squealed excited when the cool air hit me from down. I heard loud voice of hubby calling me frantically when I'm descending down in style.

Gosh, they thought I'm terrified of doing this. Silly V and hubby!

Wow, finally one of my wish in my wish list is crossed out. I still have ninety four remaining to be fulfilled.


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