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Demyan Point of View

Clearly, I have no say in anything.

I've been trying get reins on at least two of hundred things in our lives but Scarecrow managed to take hold of all the reins without any effort.

Is it so easy to control a man like him?

I don't think so. I'm hardly manageable and understandable, not to mention the amount of dark past that clouded my life. Then how come scarecrow so easily handles me like it's nothing great?

But I've learnt my lesson. Rather than being embarrassed it's better to embrace it and be grateful that someone in the world can actually put me on my toes.

I feel so relieved now that I came in terms with how the winds are blowing in my life. I feel so burden free and possibly I will not get surprised with Zinnia's actions in future as I think I got a hang of it.

She wants to marry me again in front of our family? Why not! As you wish, my scarecrow darling.

As you wish...

"I wish the third musketeer was here to be another best man. I miss him." Egor mumbled with a pout which made me raise my eyebrow.

A pout?

"You are pouting? Really Egor? What has gotten into your hard heart that is making you actually pout?" I have never seen him pout. Glower, yes. Sulk, yes but never seen him pout. It's too girlish and he hates it if a person pouts either it be a girl or a boy.

Immediately, Egor grinned at me avoiding my eyes for a couple of seconds and then started to set the cravat around my neck.

Well, well, well... look at him acting like a romantic sick puppy! There must be someone behind this who did the wonder of making Egor blush. Otherwise, the Egor I knew could only blush at blood.

Wait a second... that girl... in phone...

"My buddy, what is going on between you and Tuyen?" I asked completely interested in hearing out the story. My life is already set now with Zinnia, so I can't let Egor have a peaceful bachelor life.

He deserves better.

He deserves headache.

He deserves heart ache

He deserves some craziness in his mundane life.

"Tuyen who?" He asked innocently and I gave him 'really-dude' look which caused him to clear his throat and look at me intently.

"Well, I kinda... you know... started liking her..." Okay! He started liking her, I know. But isn't that girl too cold to him and not to mention the murderous look she has whenever she looks at him.

"How? I mean I think she dislikes you then what did she do that you fell for her?" I understand his interest if she would've been nice and sweet to him like how Zinnia is, but Tuyen is a force to be reckoned with.

Tuyen clearly hates him.

"She just

e same time with the same disgusting look.

Is she calling us love birds?

No I'm not marrying this F**ker.

What the hell!

Though Zinnia is a scarecrow, she's a female scarecrow. I'm not into men for goodness sake.

"L-Lo-love birds? Who?" I asked Albina who at me with a naughty look. She doesn't think that we... we both... No!

"Of course you both." Albina replied with a wide smile and looked around the room trying to find something. "Now where did you hide her?" She asked again moving around the room searching for God knows what.

Her? She means Zinnia?

"Her? Zinnia? Why would she be here? She is with you getting ready." I'm confused why she is looing for Zinnia here.

"No she's not in the changing room. She left to see you after she received your memo to meet her." Egor coughed briefly hearing to Albina. My serious gaze turned intense when I met his eyes.

I did not sent her any memo to meet me, in that case... where did she go?

Is she... kidnapped again?

God no! Don't tell me someone abducted her again.

"I did not sent her any message to meet me Albina. Did you see the memo you were talking about?" She nodded her head and I sighed in frustration.

Dammit. Where is she now!

As if my words were heard by God, I heard my phone ringing and I picked it up immediately without looking at the caller. I need to look for my crazy wife right now.

What if something happen to her?

"Demyan Petrov speaking" I said in a harsh cold tone that the people in my circle are used to.

"Don't give me that tone, Petrov. Not if you want your little wife alive." The familiar voice spoke from the other side of the phone making my hands run cold.


Dammit. He got hands on her!


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