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Demyan Point of View

What the heck should I take this girl for?

I'm so happy she saved my life. I might not be able express my gratitude verbally but I am really thankful.

Sincerely Thankful!

But... but why should she act like an FBI and go on a field work? I am not against saving my life, but it hurt my ego that she went overboard in it by going all adventurous and interrogative.

Not to mention she actually brought a cop with her and changed the poisoned bowls before him. Did she think doing a wrong thing under legal surveillance can be right by default? But then, how can I even make sense in to her brain when she so talently handled the situation?

It was foolish but effective too, so no comments.

"And he told you the information just because you shared your f**king strawberry flavor lollipop with him?" Egor questioned in disbelief and Zinnia smiled towards the phone as if Egor can see her smile from the other part of the world.

"No, I gave him a blueberry lollipop. I hate strawberry. I love mango and blueberry. You know Mr. Egor, sometimes blueberry reminds me of Mr. Monk. He's so small and cute." I AM NOT SMALL. YOU WERE CRYING OUT OF YOUR LUNGS LAST NIGHT BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T ACCOMMODATE ME.

I am not small, damn it.

This girl cannot keep her mouth shut for a minute. I know she meant it in a straight and innocent way but to the sane world, it appears as if my downtown man is suffering from height problems.

I heard Egor burst into laughs, not missing any chance to put me in an awkward position. It has been fifteen minutes since I heard I was... small and Egor is still laughing out loud while Zinnia asked me for hundred times why he was laughing so much.

What can I say?

How can I say why he was laughing so much?

How can I with my own mouth about my...!

"Now, that's some news. I didn't know Dem baby is small. How did you manage you show the bulge Dem, were you using balloons?" Egor said in chuckles finally after he completed laughing at my expense.


"Shut up Egor. Zinnia, just tell me how you got information from." I tried to change the topic so I could save the last bit of my pride. If this topic goes on for two more minutes, Zinnia and Egor can even make me no – balloon from small – balloon.


"Ah yes, I just pulled him to the bench and gave him mango lollipop while I had blueberry and asked him what his name was. He said he is Peter and that's when I came to know that his boss name is Valdimir when he said. Peter looked so beaten up and sad so I shared few of the funny things happened to me to lighten up his mood."She shared her stories with him? Is she doing a emot

or's call telling him I will call him tomorrow again and immediately pulled Zinnia into my arms.

"I will take care of it. Don't worry. I have many sources to get my work done. But I need your help in it, hubby. I still need to make subjects and its course syllabus. Will you please tell me what all happens in a mafia group so I can make the syllabus on the basis of it?" How can she be so confident about this?

Law is not a simple thing, foolish wife! Law is not Demyan Petrov that you can do whatever wants to. Sometimes I think she listens to me when I tell her calmly but most of time she just don't mind thinking at all.

I need to think of something to tame her. I don't want her to listen to me in everything but I just to have control in at least thirty percent issues and I want to find a method to tame her slightly.

But how?

"Zinnia?" I called and she hummed in response.

"I want to tame you. I want to make you listen to me. How will you do that?" I asked directly. When the issue is out of hands, there is no point in beating around bush.

"I always listen to you. You ask me with so much love and I always agree to it immediately." Like heck!

With love, you say? Let's see

"Then I am asking you with utmost love deep from my heart, don't start this university." I said with so much sincerity in my words that even sincerity itself must've felt shy.

"No." There she goes again.

"Why? I asked you with love."

"Ah, but it's not sufficient right now to stop me. Try to bring out some more love, Mr. Monk." What the devil bring out some more love?

Am I an underground water well to be able to be able to give more as we dig?

Goodness, Now what happens if she really manages to bring this university to life?



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