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Demyan Point of View

The next day, we went snorkeling as a part of spending time like wife and husband. And that was the time I found out something interesting... Zinnia is scared of something that lives in water.

A Giant Clam!

She is freaking scared of giant clam. Unbelievable.

She was frightened of it because she thinks giant clams open its shell and swallow the prey and trap them and eat them later slowly.

Well, that's true but they only target micro organisms in water. A gaint clam cannot swallow a five foot human being for heaven's sake. But can I make her understand it and relieve her from her fear? No!

Partly, I did not try because I was happy she feared something like a normal human being so I do not want to spoil the little human-ness she has within her.

Apart from the argument over giant clams, our day went pretty well, surprisingly. I don't know if it was because I was finally getting in terms with her uniqueness or was it because she was a little normal but the day was quiet normal which I'm happy for.

We walked around the street market in Macau and bought few random things that she liked. If she could be like this every day then I won't mind spending time with her at all.

Must be my lucky stars that were finally looking onto me!

"Dem Hub, I want to ask you something." She said once she on the sand next to me. We are currently sitting on a beach to watch the beautiful sunset.

Again Dem Hub? Gosh!

Can't she call me Demyan plainly?

This morning she suddenly came up with an idea of calling me something other than Mr. Monk because apparently she realized she's now my wife and has every right to call me whatever the heck she like. So, she gave me the name Dem Hub, which according to her means, 'Demyan who is her husband'.

Goodness Gracious!

Still, somewhere within my heart I was happy because I was thankful she did not give me any weird name.

"Yes. You actually asked my permission so you can ask anything." I'm so happy she asked permission. Just a small permission she asked can make me so happy then how would I be when Zinnia totally transforms into a docile submitting wife that I wanted?

Beautiful. Peaceful. Extraordinary.

"Where is your family?" She asked straightforwardly without any hesitation. Though I dislike many attributes in her, sometimes I like them too. I like it when she asks something frankly and it helps me understand her at that point of time.

"Dead." I answered simply without giving any details as I know she would ask further until she knows about me completely.

"Oh my god! I'm sorry. I wish their souls rest in peace." She joined her hands in a prayer and recited something that usually we recite for dead people. "How? When?"

This girl seriously... just now s

he leader. I was eighteen at that time and finally the opportunity came when I can finally avenge my father." I was feeling so light hearted that I'm finally talking about it to someone who wouldn't judge me for what I did.

Zinnia had a lot of imaginations and assumptions, no doubt but she never judge someone based on what they did. It was like she has a very unique style of understanding about a situation.

"Wow, you had a pretty interesting life. But you know what I think, you were so sad in life for so many years and you had tough times in life and I think that's why fate brought me to you so you can have fair chance in enjoying life too. I'm that ray of hope that lightened your dark room and I will be that no matter what." I couldn't help myself from chuckling at what she said. Even though she was praising herself, she does has a point when she said she changed the course of my life.

Probably feeling helpless is a change too that I needed.

"Anyways, who are those two best friends? One is Mr. Egor I think as I can see he lived on roads just by looking at him. His eyes look so nightmarishly and his dark circles expand from north to all the way to south. But who is the other one?" I smirked at her at which she pulled my hand tightly in hers and started patting me for answer.

"You will know soon. You will meet him soon." She nodded her head and I was about to stand up when she pulled me back to sit beside her.

"Who is Valdimir then?" The hell?


"How the hell do you know Valdimir?" I almost yelled at her. I don't remember mentioning him to her nor did anyone else. I made sure she was away from the topic so how did she know about him.

How she knows his name?

"Oh, I poisoned him this morning." She said casually smiling sweetly at me making my eyes widen in utter shock.



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