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Demyan Point of View

"By the way, how did this miracle happen? I mean you took her there to break up o and for all and look at you now bonded to her completely forever?" Egor's curiosity killed the wild cat in me. His questions were like arrows that are hitting me at full force.


There were weird miracles happening in my life from the time this scarecrow entered my life. Now, I don't think I can understand the right context of the word miracle anymore.

"Can you keep your curiosity to yourself? I have lots going on here and right now I want you to find out how Valdimir knew where I was." I tried... very skillfully tried to change the topic and prayed that it works.

These days my prayers and hopes were kicking back at me.

"Uh yes, about that, I am still looking into that matter but you know what, our whole team were not surprised that Valdimir tracked your location, rather they were more interested in how Zinnia saved your life." Oh no! Uh huh!

How the hell did she save my life?

No she didn't save my life. She just played a damn game and won, that's it. I saved her life. I am the savior here and she's the victim here.

Damn word got out into my circle and now people start talking about it. Not too long I might as well loose my throne to this mental girl if I don't take necessary measures.

Zinnia as a Mafia Leader, as a Mafia Queen is a nightmare.

She will paint all my men in colors. She may also give them hip hop style dressing. She will conduct wrestling competition to fill their and our stomach as according to her, I am poor.

Wait, she may as well change my throne chair to a dinosaur or penguin character chair and name both the chairs as Mafia king penguin and Mafia queen penguin.


I can't let that happen!

That chair is mine, only I can take decisions there. I am the Mafia king. I am the leader and no one is above me. No one can make me compromise with my underground duties.

"SHE DIDN'T SAVE MY LIFE. I SAVED HER." I gritted enunciating each and every word clearly so it registers in his mind.

I had to see this day when I have to present proofs for my manliness and Mafianess.


"Alright alright. I believe you. Why are you getting your horses on fire? I believe you. Even thought you lie, and then too I only believe what you say. I will not let truth travel among our men. Don't worry, I believe y

them alone?" Callisto asked with his mouth wide open in surprise.

"Yes and without even a trace of bash on his skin." I completed smashing the whisky to the wall. Callisto placed his glass on the table and looked at me with a doubtful gaze.

"How?" His question earned a mocking chuckle from me.

"Because the person who shot my men was not Petrov but his girlfriend." A girl who was not more than five and half foot tall and who cannot weigh more than 50 kgs took eight of my men down.

This is such a shame on me!

"Ah, his girl friend. No wonder." He muttered taking a swig from his glass.

No wonder? Was she a warrior that he was being so casual about it?

"No wonder? What do you mean?"

"I told you that this girl friend of his is not an ordinary woman. She's a nut loose. So it's not at all a wonder that she actually shot your men. I think she might not even know that she actually and really shot someone." He scoffed and leaned back looking at me pointedly.

"Don't try to find meaning in what I said. You will know the power of his girl friend when you meet her." He chuckled, "And I would be waiting for that moment." He laughed again, standing up and walking out of the room nonchalantly.

It was a well plotted plan to kill Petrov but this girl spoiled it. Not a worry, I will try something else next time. Let's see how he will be saved.

This time I will come up with something that might give Petrov and silent death. This time, even the Lord of Death cannot stop himself from taking Petrov to his land.

I will get rid of him once and for all.


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