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Demyan Point of View


Never in my life had I had s*x such as this. I was known for my potential to drive women insane on bed but never had I fathomed that I would go insane on bed due to two reasons.

One, obviously she was so damn beautiful and so responsive.

Two, she was wrongly responsive, thinks a lot and talks a lot, not to mention, the side dishes she added.

Gosh... who would have the womanly juices mixed with ketchup and chocolate? That's so... uncalled for. I must be the first and probably the last person to have such a mixture. I almost couldn't think what to do with this girl, who is now my forceful wife.

Every day, all the time, she behaves as if she knows things more than I do. I don't know why she is hell bent of teaching me something even she doesn't know.

Last night I could hardly gather and piece my ego and manliness or else what face I would show to the world then. She was almost ready to search in the Google about love making and do it with me in the procedure while the video will be playing.

What was it? Was it a chicken Ratatouille to learn from Youtube?


For the first time in my life, I made love to someone to prove myself in it. No doubt, there was liking for the Lady in it and I enjoyed it a lot but it would have been more enjoyable if she could shut her mouth and brain.

Now that the sacrificial night is over, now I am expected to compliment her.

What? She finds me like a kid on tantrum when I widen my eyes to scare people? For your information darling wife, people actually fear those red raging eyes. They literally kiss the path I walked on so as to get my favor and you are looking at me like I am some kid on a tantrum whose toy was taken away from him?

I still couldn't figure out how you are scared of me. I mean I am not that innocent looking... I wonder what can make you get scared.

I am genuinely interested to know what makes her scared off. Now that I am not in her list of 'most feared entity' I can expect someone else to fulfill my wish.

"Forget about complimenting you, I want to ask you something." I pulled her further into my warm body and wrapped my hands tightly around her. She pouted and nodded at me which I took as acceptance. "Who are you most afraid of?" I asked expectantly.

I couldn't suppress my excitement as I am hoping to know the great person who can build a little terror inside her. In my opinion, not having a fear of anything is a serious disease and I don't want my 'lovely' w

heard a ring from the bedside and saw my phone vibrating. Looking at the caller's name, I bent down to Zinnia and kissed her forehead before excusing myself to take the call.

"Egor. Speak." I talked in my commanding tone that I am used to always.

"Congratulations... congratulations... Shala lala la congratulations. Have you finally got away from your Zinnia? I was waiting for your news from yesterday, Dem darling." I closed my eyes trying to control the anger that was rising hearing his voice.

Got away from her? Oh, on contrary, I am now glued to her permanently.

"Did you call me to sprinkle salt on my wounds?" I was irritated by his early morning call. Did he come to know about my sudden wedding? Already?

What if he really came to know about it, he will laugh on my face for lifelong rubbing it on my face.

"No. Why what happened? Is she not out of your life like you predicted? You were so confident while leaving from here." He questioned and by his tone I could understand that he doesn't know about my nightly wedding but was just mocking me at my usual failures.

What would he think of me when I tell him?

"I... I"

"What got your tongue that you are stammering?" He spoke cutting me off.

"Igotforcefullymarriedlastnighttomentalgirl." Right now I feel like a girl who is exaggerating something so small to her friends.

"You what?" He yelled in shock and before I could tell him about the tragedy, he started singing again. "Congratulations... congratulations... Shala lala la congratulations." He laughed out loudly from the other side of the phone.

Great now I am a sport of entertainment to the whole Mafia circle.


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