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Zinnia Point of View

Oh darn, I forgot to buy rings. What do I do now? Rings are important in a wedding and I need to have his name on my finger.

Oh stupid Zinnia, how can you forget something that important?

If you will be this stupid, then how will you take care of Mr. Monk in future? How will you protect him?

"Uh, Mr. Fulton... I forgot to bring rings. Is there any way we can proceed without rings or is there a way we can substitute rings with something else?" I asked in panic. I cannot leave Mr. Monk in the middle of this road to marriage.

I can't abandon him.

"In any wedding you need two important forms of identification; one – a marriage certificate and two – something in matching which shows you are already taken. So matching rings are what people usually use but in case you do not have rings, then you can replace it with anything else till you could exchange rings." Mr. Fulton explained patiently.

God bless him for coming this late night and giving my Monk what he needed.

But the real deal here is, what to use in place of rings for time being.

I looked over to Mr. Monk who stood stiff like a stone with no expression on his face. Seems like he loved my surprise that he didn't even recover from it yet.


"Okay, first let's sign the certificate then I will think of something to substitute rings." I announced and pulled Mr. monk to the table and both of us sat on the opposite seats to Mr. Fulton.

I read the whole certificate and boy am I happy. No, I am beyond happy. I am finally giving what Mr. Monk dreamt of and I will continue to do everything in my ability to do anything for Mr. Monk.

"I'm not going to sign this." Mr. Monk said suddenly. What?

"You don't have to worry about rings Mr. Monk. I have something in mind to replace it for now. So you can sign the document without any concern. I know you want our wedding to be a complete and a prosperous one, and trust me I will make it happen. Our marriage will be a complete one. Now come on sign." What good deeds have I done in my life or my past life that I got a husband like Mr. Monk?

What did I do to get such a good and kind person like him?

Did I play cupid to help couples reunite again?

I must have saved people from their misfortune. Or I must have been a soldier in my previous birth and saved the country and people from bad people.

Wait a second... I must as well have been a crop o

I am so very shy to do this but between both of us, only I know a little about wedding night. We need to kiss each other and hug each other nakedly. So I need to take charge over the situation even though I am bashful.

Ah! Never in my twenty one years of life had I thought I would teach my husband how to and what to perform on a wedding night.

"Are you serious? No go sleep peacefully we will talk about what happened tonight in the morning once I get out of shock." Mr. Monk pushed me lightly towards the bed and turned to look over the city.

He is being thoughtful of me and my morals again.

"Stop. Please stop being thoughtful of me. Stop thinking what's good for me. Stop putting in the top of your priority and for once... just once think about yourself. Think about your happiness. Think about your wishes. Think about your right on me." Tears rolled down from my eyes. How can I get such gold in my life? He is a platinum mountain.

I am so lucky to have him. I feel so lucky to be a part of his life.

He slowly turned his eyes towards me and gazed at my face. He brought his hand towards my face and wiped the tears that were rolling down.

"Come on now, take off your shirt." I hiccupped and pulled his shirt over his head. He tried to stop me but it's high time I stop being selfish and give what my husband wanted.

I was about to take off my night shirt when Mr. Monk stopped me from taking it off. "It's my turn to strip you." He said and pulled me towards his chest, giving me a deep kiss on my lips.

Why do I suddenly feel like something in Mr. Monk has been awaken?


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