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Demyan Point of View



How come she shot those men so easily without even blinking? Is she really an ordinary citizen or somehow she is also from a mafia background or something?

I was surprised how accurately her shooting was. She... nailed it. But how?

Why am I suddenly feeling so ashamed of myself?

Goodness Lord! Why am I constantly in such situation these days?

"Zinnia, I don't want to hug you like that." I tried to talk some sense out of her but my bad, sense is not something that can be in a same locality as her.

Oh mental girl, they were doing much more than just hugging naked. How am I to stay in control if you pull out this feat on me?

I looked over her petite body and my downtown man started belly dancing at a look of her.

Stop it, you fool!

God bless me with enough patience and control.

"Of course you are. Look at yourself looking so painful like the guy in the movie. I'm your girlfriend and it is my duty to hug you. Now come on take off your shirt." Oh for the love of -!

Why everything in my life with this girl is in reverse order? I f***ing mafia man am being forced by a senseless girl and surprisingly I am resisting the offer when I am the one who had great experience when it comes to the bedroom activities.

"Look Zinnia, you said you can only hug me naked once we get married, right. We are not married now so I cannot break the promise I made to myself that I would fulfill your every wish." I tried to guilt trip her and paint a little emotional drama.

I know very well how much marriage matters to her and I also very well know that this argument, I am winning it. She was just driven by emotion earlier. She has a mentality of conservative woman so I bet my head on it that she will retreat from the original plan of feeling up each other skin in bed.

Zinnia feel in thought and nodded her head slightly as if realization is finally making it's way to her door.

"You are correct Mr. Monk. I cannot do it. You are right." She murmured to herself and shook her head as if the dawn of understanding is finally setting in.

Thank heavens she's listening to me for once. Today is worth celebration. Should I say, I am a lucky man?

"Exactly. Now go to bed, it's already past midnight." I pushed her towards the bed so I can have some peace time once she drifts into the sleep.

It was a weird day today and I am still under the effect of today's happenings. Maybe a good sleep can patch up the cracks of my ego from today's dent.

"No wait; I have a surprise for you. Wait here for me ten minutes and I will be back." She kissed my cheek and tried... tried to be shy god knows why she tried all the dramatic stuff. If she doesn't feel that shy, then she need not. Why trying all the absurd stuff they show on TV?

But the main concern right now is her surprise.

My body suddenly froze and my hands shivered in terror. My legs lost its powe

eaded but all my cries went into deaf ears.

"We are here, on this beautiful day – uhh, night, to be part of the beautiful ceremony where this amazing couple are going to be each other's ultimate destiny." He started officiating but everything just went above my head. I could not hear anything nor can I get situation in to my head properly.

Am I really getting married off right now?

Like really?

Seriously and really?

But I don't want to.

'You are such a funny person, brother. You talk as if your decision matters.' My mind rebuked sarcastically.

"Mr. Monk... say 'I Do'" Zinnia tapped my shoulder and I got back to reality from my trance.

What is going on?

"'I do?" I asked in confusion and suddenly I remembered that I was actually getting married!

I am freaking getting married!

To mental girl, against my will!

"Do you Zinnia, Mae White, take Demyan Lev Petrov, your Monk, as your husband?" And she replied with an excited 'I Do'

Wait! When did I say I Do?

I don't remember saying it.

"In the name of God, with the blessings of almighty, you are now lawfully husband and wife. You may kiss the bride now." The officiator announced the most dreaded sentence and I was not given a chance to grasp my situation as I immediately felt soft, plump and sweet lips on mine.

Wait, am I even a groom? Or am I a bride?

Why do I feel that I am the bride here and Zinnia is groom?

Are we really wife and husband now?

I felt a ring slip on the finger of my right hand and a hand caught my hand and made a ring slip onto the finger of her left hand.

I still couldn't come on terms with the reality of being now married to mental girl!

What am I going to do now?

Am I a husband in our relationship or am I a wife? What about my pride here? What am I going to answer to the society now? Who will ever be scared of a mafia after this goes out?

This confusion is raising a question on my manhood.


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