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Demyan Point of View

"Finish him off" I ordered one of my men and gestured him to proceed with the assignment in hand. He paused for a moment and looked at me reluctantly like this is his first time to kill someone.

"But Don, don't we need him for interrogation?" He scratched his head awkwardly.

Why is he behaving like a girl, scratching his head and all?

Man, just be like a man.

"No we don't. This person is not the one to be harassed to answer. It's useless to keep him so just take the gun and shoot him between his eyes and get done with. Clean the place and burn the body." I ordered again enunciating the killing and covering process clearly.

What am I doing? An internship program?

Seriously, sometimes I feel like I'm giving practical experience to new assassin entrepreneurs for the first time. It doesn't feel like I'm running a Mafia business. It is more like a Medical university where I am a professor of Post-mortem.


"What made you look like a person in hell?" Egor strolled into my room leisurely but I can detect a slight limp in his walk.

Tuyen has done a great damage to him. Poor Egor.

"Why is our men novice in their work despite of doing it from years?" I was completely irritated.

One, yesterday's meeting went wrong and two my men are f**king spoon fed in everything.

The day before, when I attended the meeting with the other gangs regarding territorial issues, not to my surprise, Valdimir and Callisto attended together and were discussing something very seriously. Both were smirking at me and sizing me up.

According to my spies, both Valdimir and Callisto has been meeting each other from quite some time and at one point of time, they even sent a hitman to assassin me but they don't know that I am not an easy target.

They are looking for a fight with me then they will get that exactly. I was being silent all this while just because I don't want to be the one to start a war but since they already took several steps in making a rival out of me then so be it.

You want a battle then you will get a war in return.

"What are you thinking so intensely?" I heard Egor and turned towards him with a blank face.

"I want you to use the same trick that the f**ker is using against us." I said and stood up from my chair walking towards the ceiling length window overlooking the city.

"You mean –"

"Let's turn his men to ours. The ones who are picking a fight, kill them and the ones who are ready to turn against their Don, keep an eye on them. Let's use his strategy against him." Since he doesn't know that we already know his intentions, it would be a great step to use his plan against him.

There is a very clever phrase in chess 'When your opponent concentration is completely on your territory, then it is the perfect time to trade freely in his.'

"That's quite an impressive move but there is one more thing; I don't think they are just aiming your throne, Dem. There is something else that we are missing out." Egor voiced out his suspicion tapping a pen to his chin.

True. I agree to

k alley?

"Mr. Monkk~~~" She called out in joy and jumped in to arms. I wrapped my hands around her but my mind was still shut down with the astonishment.

"Zinnia where were you? Were you strolling around the city by yourself? Why didn't you take your phone along?" I rained her with many questions. I was almost confident that she was kidnapped then how is she so happy and safe here?

"No Mr. Monk. A tall and bulky brother kidnapped me." A what? I glanced at Egor and received the same disbelief look from him.

She was kidnapped? Not a surprise but a brother kidnapped her? What?

Why doesn't it make sense?

"Who kidnapped you, Zinnia and how are you here all by yourself? Did you run away from them?" I think she took a good opportunity and ran away.

And for goodness sake, who is this tall and bulky brother?

"His name is Callisto. I call him Mr. kidnapped like I call you Mr. Monk. He is very tall and bulky and serious and he looks like a national brother to all ladies. He dropped me here." She said excitedly in a very animated manner.

What the hell is she talking?

"If that person kidnapped you then why are here?" Egor questioned in irritation. I can understand his agony but I need the answers too.

"Because my work is done?" Huh? Work?

"What work?" She smiled at me sweetly and said she was kidnapped to cook for him and he dropped her once it was done.

What the hell is going on here?

Why would Callisto kidnap someone for effing food?

"Huh, but he said something after he dropped me here but I didn't much understand." She said taking a sip of a drink from the plastic cup she was holding.

"What? What did he say?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

If he wants to drop her here then why did he kidnap her in the first place?

"Umm... something like - I better kidnap that man than get anywhere near you – That was what he said but I did not understand who that man was." She was smiling again like she was just returning from a vacation.

Dear Lord! Should I be happy about it or worried!


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