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Zinnia Point of View

Like a dream you can' t explain

Luv can chase a beating of your heart

Like the sunshining in the rain

Luv can make your whole world fall apart

All I wanted now, I just wanna spend my life with you

Time will show me how

Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

Suddenly luv is the thing that I can't live without

You are my dream, my luv, my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you

God I luv somehow... I just wanna spend my life with you

You can show me how

Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

Suddenly luv is the thing that I can't live without

You are my dream, my luv, my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you...

"My Lovely Monk~~~~~ " I sang from the top of my lungs. From the moment Damian and Anna kissed, I was feeling so light and excited and happy and whatnot. I'm even singing from yesterday continuously to express my immense joy.

How good it was to be kissed. Now I decided I am giving my first kiss to Mr. Monk and I will steal his kisses every possible way.

But he did not go along with my thesis. He should suck my lips then why did he send his tongue into my mouth?

That's cheating!

My tongue is one of my special organs and he touched it with his and also pushed it many times. That was not how the website told to kiss.

Yet...yet I loved it. His tongue is so soft and also it tasted like pork. He must have had pork for breakfast. If I was in my right senses, then I would have bitten it to eat thinking it of a well done pork steak.

"For goodness sake, Zinnia, STOP SINGING. My ears are bleeding." Tuyen walked out like a half dead person from her sleep.

I'm still angry at her. What she did was not a good thing to do.

"I'm not talking to you. Remember?" I pouted and turned away my head to show her that my anger has a good stability that my plans couldn't hold.

She sighed irritated and shook her head, "You are angry with me because I told you to be careful with your Mr. Monk?"

Oh, Tuyen! Why can't you understand that Mr. Monk is harmless? He may be lethal for any other but not me.

That poor man can only kill mosquitoes.

"Yes. Mr. Monk is a diamond between worthless pebbles." Enough is enough. Now I am not going to defend Mr. Monk's innocence. Tuyen should come out of her shell and see the real world and stop judging people.

"Now I don't want to talk to you about this anymore. My throat is hurting with the constant singing so I'm going out to get some herbal tea. And please stop harassing Mr. Monk. Even if you start searching in the hot sun with sunglasses, you cannot find someone as cool as Mr. Monk." I declared and walked out to get myself some medicinal tea.

God, Love is sweet but goodness, love songs are so harsh to my throat. Next time I will make sure to turn on the radio ins

such big house and I guess you have so much money too then why didn't you hire a cook for yourself?" I wonder why did not hire a cook. It is obvious that he is so wealthy.

"Why do you think I abducted you for food?" He looked pointedly at me almost as if he was controlling himself from hitting me.

I pouted at him, "You were looking at the knife so hungrily few minutes ago. Why would I not think that?"

Mr. Kidnapped took a deep breath and in rapid speed, he held in tight in his arms and placed the knife on my neck.

Okay, he must be a non-non vegetarian who eats human flesh too.

"I kidnapped you so I can kill you and tear you into pieces in front of your lover." He gritted and pressed the knife closer into my skin.

Oh, Lover? He means Mr. Monk?

How cruel! He wants to tear me to pieces? But no worries, he cannot tear human flesh with such small kitchen knife so he must be bluffing to scare me.

Sorry, Mr. Kidnapper, I am clever than you could ever know.

"Why?" I asked not knowing why he wants to cut me in front of Mr. Monk only.

"Because he owes me life of a dear person and now I will take the life of his dear one and tally it." I turned around angrily and slapped him hard on his cheek.

How dare he is.

"How dare you to slap me." He yelled at me and pulled me by my elbow harshly.

"How dare you?" I yelled back and freed my hand from his grip and poked his chest with an angry finger. "Do you dare corrupt my Mr. Monk's innocence! I can forgo anything in my life but not Mr. Monk's innocence that he is treasuring so much. You want to show a terrible murder to him so he could get depressed but hear me out clearly, Mr. Monk has me and I will not allow him to see any bad thing. If you want to play dangerous games then I will play with you." I'm so pissed off right now.

How dare this kidnapper is to spoil Mr. Monk's peaceful mind?

I will never let it happen. I will play dangerous games with him.

I will protect Mr. Monk.


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