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Zinnia Point of View

"I don't trust you." I heard Tuyen tell me for the nineteenth time. I pouted and looked at her with puppy wide eyes.

Why is she adamant in proving me wrong? I'm happy, doesn't it count for her?

"But Tuyen, He is a real gentleman. He treats me so well and loves me so much." I defended and tapped her shoulder gesturing her to understand me.

She is against idea of me dating someone. Why? I thought she would be happy for me when I fall in love and be loved by a man.

"And that is the exact reason I cannot trust that person you are seeing. I don't trust your judgment, Zinnia. For one, he can be a fraud." Tuyen stated with a frown and I giggled at her silly theories.

She thinks a Monk can be a fraud? Such an innocent friend I have. What do I do with her?

Though I'm the one in constant troubles for my impulsive impatient syndrome (IIS), I know that one day she will get into trouble due to her innocent mind.

I think I need to educate her one day about the world.

"He's a very good handsome Monk who can have family of his own and thankfully did not have one yet. He's clever, intelligent and very soft spoken. He loves me." Tuyen sighed out with a loud groan and hit her head on the nearby wall.

Suddenly she turned towards me and poured the glass of water she's holding on my head making me a wet stray puppy on a rainy day.

Puppies are cute but I prefer ducks and rabbits as pets over them. Ducks are so cool and Rabbits are so playful and soft.

"I hope that cools down your brain." Tuyen gritted and sat next to me on the sofa, "I met his friend, Egor – I think his name was - I met him when you sent him for beauty samples the other day. He is a pervert, Zinnia. He is not a good person and very mysterious. I can feel dangerous aura from him. Then you should be careful with this Monk of yours too." Oh, so Egor was being bad to my friend. Now I understand why she was so upset.

I know what should have happened that day. Tuyen must've felt attracted towards Egor since he has decent looks but Egor must have said something to her that had her disappointed because all her threads of attraction broke with what he said. Now she is irritated because she cannot forget him nor can she forget how handsome he is.

She's in dilemma.

"Oh, Tuyen! You got me so worried. You should not be concerned about Mr. Monk and Egor. Egor is his friend I agree but he is still under the counseling schedule with Mr. Monk. So you cannot expect a person to turn calm and good suddenly right. Egor must be into pick pocketing or something in his pre-counseled life so it is taking time for him to turn on a new leaf in his life." I explained clearly to Tuyen with a chuckle.

Sometimes she over thinks a lot that I get worried for her. But s

ue on your partner's lips slowly.

Now I'm sure that the concept of kissing is taken from the concept of taste testing. Is this a 'kissing MasterChef?'

Why should I lick his lips?

Argh... that's hard. What if he tastes like burger? I love Italian and Indian tastes. I just hope he tastes something like an Indian curry or Italian spaghetti.

I really hate burger. Continental is fine too. Anything other than burger is fine with me. Should I text Mr. Monk to eat some Italian tonight and something Indian for breakfast tomorrow?

My Gosh! Kissing is a tedious job, not to mention too time consuming. Considering my impulsive nature, what if I get bored between all this processes?

Cup your partner's face, pull close and cover the partner's mouth with yours.


Say What?

No way am I doing this. This is so embarrassing. Oh god, why is it so tough to kiss? I thought pecking is good enough a kiss but why is a real kiss so unkissable?

What would he think when I put his mouth in mine?

Dear God! Why am I smiling like a weirdo thinking about the whole process?

I immediately covered my face with my hands when the shyness was adorning my cheeks. I don't know why but I started wriggling and giggling like a maniac and looking into the endless ceiling of my room while smiling.

I think I should do all this tomorrow with Mr. Monk. Heck, I'm blushing.

What would Mr. Monk think about the kiss? Will he allow me to practice or would he stop me?

Damn, I feel like dancing suddenly.

I really really really wish that the practice is a great hit tomorrow. And for that I need to prepare a thesis on process of kissing and give it to Mr. Monk tomorrow before the practice. After all, it is his first time too and he should know what to do.

Anna cannot have her first kiss with inexperienced Damian.


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