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Demyan Point of View

What did I get myself into?

When she told me why she wanted to marry me, I was amused no doubt but I also felt dejected because this girl who was standing before me was unbearable yet the way she was looking for love of her life was too innocent.

She is insufferable, I agree, but the moment she said I am a good person and she thought I am good for her, it tugged my heart. I have never thought of marrying someone and making a family. Whenever I had desire, I would just pick up someone from club or call one of my previous mistresses to satisfy my needs.

They were never a marriage material nor did I see them as one but something... something about this irritating girl assured my heart.

Argh! In the haze of moment I seriously dug my own grave. Damn it.

Now I have to court her and if I could not court her properly, she may take matters into her own hands and court me instead.

Like heck my life has become!

"jkfidogihvdkijoifijfsijii" I heard nonstop cursing coming from my best friend.

"Ouch, what the heck happened to you?" Egor limped inside the house, hissing. One of his eyes was completely beaten to purple and one of his legs was bent.

Now, what happened to him?

"Egor? Were you attacked?" I was surprised to see him this beaten up for the first time. I did not see him this hurt ever. He was always a ninja turtle in fighting.

"She's a Devil, dude." Egor limped towards the sofa and plopped on it putting his legs on the table.


Who? Mental girl?

But she was with me the whole day in carnival and frankly speaking she hurt only brain not physically!

"A girl did this to you?" I asked and Egor nodded slightly and hissed in pain continuously. "And you let a girl hit you to pulp?" I raised my eyebrow at the brave girl who has beaten a mafia tiger to pulp.

"I did not let her; she kicked me without listening to me. I'm telling you there is some black magic involved in our lives. Or else how would you explain our luck in meeting women who are unintentionally killing us every minute?" He gritted and took the first aid box that I was giving him and applied ointment on his bruised eye and sprayed some medicine on his leg.

Ouch, that must be hurting.

"But who is this girl? Why did she hurt you? And why didn't you stop her?" I shoot question after question and sat beside him folding my arms.

Now I'm interested.

"Zinnia's friend from who I was supposed to get beauty tips and cosmetics. Her name is Tuyen." He said with an edge of softness when he spelled her name.

Uh huh... what is going on here?


"I... I went to the pharmacy to

ue to many reason but she is also a type of girl you would not want in your life for your own safety.

Dating is not a new concept to me. Although I had many flings, I did date a few models for a while but what matters here is the unfathomable feeling I don't want to feel.


I had seen so much in my life and I don't want to create a weakness for myself in the form of love. Those women I dated earlier were just for emotional dependency but deep down in some corner of my heart, I know Zinnia would be different from others.

I have a doubt that if I seriously started considering her, she might own my heart.

She has these weird annoying charms that maybe aggravating for sure but is also like a sinkhole which pulls you down to the pit without knowing.

"Yes." I said looking all too serious suddenly "I am going to date her and court her."

"Why do I sense a hidden meaning in what you said?" Egor perked up at my decision and gave me a pointed look.

"But - but this would be a different kind of date. Zinnia is a crazy girl but she is also so innocent and I cannot have her get hurt though the only thought I have in my mind is to put a bullet in her head. So I will be courting her in a way that she would herself tell me to not bother to date her ever. I will make sure to get rejected by her and for that, I already planned my first move." I stated in determination.

This time I made a full proof plan to scare her away from me and our first date tomorrow will be the start.

"And what is your first move?" I smiled at Egor mischievously and snapped my fingers saying him to wait and watch.

Till now Zinnia was the one to surprise me at every step; from tomorrow it will be my turn to surprise her unpleasantly.


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