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Zinnia Point of View

Monks marry and lead materialistic lives too? I didn't know about it.

Well, it was good that Mr. Monk mentioned it to me or else I would've missed an amazingly philosophical man and an innocent being in my life.

When he said that Monks marry too, the only thought that came to mind right away was being Mrs. Monk. I mean looking at it practically; I always expressed my interest in him by caring for him, looking after him, worrying for him, going even to woods to look for him and even going to his underwater house to find him.

What more does a man need from a woman when that woman was so blatantly protecting that man.

The moment I met Mr. Monk, I vowed myself to protect him from all the harshness of the world. How can such wide cat like eyes man with silky smooth skin and innocent chin hair can ever live without a person like me to protect him? – And not to mention his ideal moralist views.

I guess Mr. Egor was the reason he was well living till now but how long can he be dependent on an outsider so I decided that if we marry each other, it would be good for both of us as I need his moralist views and he needs my protection.

"So, will you tell me why we are in a carnival?" He asked walking beside me in a casual stance.

Aww, my future husband does look so striking.

"We need many props for the play that we can get in carnivals at cheaper rate. Not only that, you must be so stressed due to your double jobs so I thought we can have a little relaxed time." I smiled charmingly at him. Till now I showed him my fickle self as he was just My Monk but now since we are getting married, I want to show him my charming self too.

Mr. Monk stared at me intensely for a couple seconds and looked away without saying anything. Obviously, he was trying to get used to Charming Zinnia.

There is no way that people not like me. I was said to be the most attracting female by many people in many occasions.

'I think it was most accident attracting female?' My conscience corrected me slyly.

Oh, why can't this thing keep her views with herself?

Well, if I am really an accident attracting female, then I wish Mr. Monk to be a deadliest accident.

"Mr. Monk" I called out softly. Suddenly, after my marriage decision, I was feeling shy just by looking at him.

Mr. Monk turned to look at me, "Tell me about yourself." I asked since Mr. Monk did not for once talk about himself till now.

He looked at me weirdly mocking stare like he was telling me, 'Now you ask?'

I guess even though he is a cool looking Monk, he has all those fierce emotions too. I love it.

"Why do you suddenly want to know about me?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. Oh freak, his raised eyebrow looks like a cupid's bow that is ready to shoot love ar

some and bland.

I didn't like how lonely the Monk should've felt all those years. In just a day, I came to care for him and being a humble person, he doesn't even share what he is facing.

"Alright, how about we do this?" He started and I turned my attention to him and nodded enthusiastically.

"Why don't you let me court you? Don't bring the topic of marriage until I bring it up again. These three months, I will try my ways to court you and you will let me take the charge. You will absolutely be just my partner in the play and nothing more. I will look up for the ways to win your heart. You can play very hard to get but in the midst of this, if I fell in love with you then you will forever be with me. Even if you no longer like me in future, if I love you then it's a game over and you will have no say in it. What say?!" I listened to him carefully and started thinking over it.

Mr. Monk wants to court me like in old style? Like picnics and dates? Then it would be fun.

He seems to be serious about what he said and even I liked what he said, I was never courted or approached by a man for a relationship so I want to experience those magical innocent touchy moments like they show in dramas.

I nodded and shook my head several times completely in my own thinking and finally sighed and looked at him, "Okay. I accept. But I want to you to court me historical style; it will be more fun. Should I arrange some historical ancient clothes for us?"I clapped excitedly and jumped a couple times.

'Seems like I dug another grave for myself!' I heard his voice in whisper while I was jumping excitedly but I did not dwell on it much because I know even grave can be romantically involved if such deadly beautiful person is courting you.

I wonder how he would use grave to court me. Oh my god! It would be so much cool!


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