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Zinnia Point of View

"I am evil, little Zinnia. I am a Mafia after all." I heard Mr. Monk saying with this weird wicked glint in his eyes.

Yes. Exactly. That is the expression I need for the character Damian.

"That's great then. We will use a little of it for our play." I said casually and started making few adjustments in the script related to Mr. Monk's physical details.

"Goodness Woman! I said I am a Mafia." He said a little loudly with a frustrated sigh while I was concentrating on the script. I need to finish the changes by today so that we can start practicing from tomorrow so I'm a little short of time.

"I heard you Mr. Monk and I don't mind whatever you are as long as you are a monk that I need. You need extra money too so I don't mind your side business. I'm not a biased person. Now coming to the play, we need to get you a little tanned or else people might not believe that you are a dangerous wolf with your milky white innocent face. Oh, and a couple millimeters of dark circles will be good too." According to the script it was written that Damian is 6'feet tall but Mr. Monk seems to be above 6'3.

"What's your length?" I asked scratching the part of 6'feet with pencil to replace it with his real height.

"Excuse me? You want to know about my length?" He looked at me incredulously and coughed awkwardly as if I asked his precious baby face. I am just asking about his height then what is there to be so shocked?

"How long are you, your height?" I repeated again. What happened to the Monk? Why is he so distracted suddenly? Monks are known to be having a stable attention though.

Ah, he is a human too, though a baby faced innocent looking spiritual human, he is a human too. I don't blame him. At least he is not like me who gets distracted one hundred eight degrees.

"I'm 6'5 in total. Want to know the length of my shorter version too?" he asked with a weird kind of smile, his eyes sparkling with humor.

His shorter version? Oh, he was talking about his childhood height, seems so.

"Oh yes please. We can use the pictures in the play. How long are you when you were six?" I can use his younger pictures for Damian's family and for other scenes. It would be so cool. But Mr. Egor and Mr. Monk only went into fits of coughs almost breathless.

"Alright, I changed the script according to your height. We need to work on your 'MINE' slowly with the time. I already have a spacesuit for you –"

"Wait. One minute, a spacesuit? For me?" Mr. Monk cut me off from my revision and asked with doubtful look. Why is he so doubtful? Bei

"Hey, don't worry I have your numbers saved in my phone." I shouted out to their walking back and grinned.

"H-How?" Mr. Egor turned back and stuttered to which I grinned proudly at him.

"I have my ways." I pursed my lips in a proud smile and patted my shoulder at my great achievement.

Both of them turned around again to walk out but I did heard what Mr. Egor said to the Monk, "Shouldn't that be our sentence?"

I shrugged at their bewildered face and went back to improvise the script more. I will be the best heroine Hollywood have never had the opportunity to have and will turn Mr. Monk into a super star Monk with this single play.


"Why are you smiling like a creep?" Tuyen narrowed her eyes. She sat beside in the sofa and pulled the ice cream tub from me, swallowing it like a vacuum.

"I found the male protagonist for the play. Yay." I jumped in excitement.

I just want to tell her how good looking the protagonist is. I want to tell her that I finally found the person who can compliment my beauty but looking at her uninterested, I dropped the topic.

"Hey, there this person, Mr. Egor, will come to your pharmacy tomorrow. Please give him good face products that you get free as samples." I told her.

Argh, I'm so tired today after a long day and I need to go to carnival tomorrow. I better sleep early tonight.

Before going to sleep, I texted Mr. Monk on his number, 'Tomorrow at 9 PM near the orphanage, pick me up for the carnival. Learning about lifepart-1 starts tomorrow.' And re-texted the same message for fifty time to be on safer side. What if it doesn't reach if I text only once?

I'm so excited to get counseling from the Monk tomorrow. Wow!


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