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Demyan Point of View

Damn this girl! I am not going to do this.

This girl is a pure threat to any sensible or senseless sense.

"Uh, Miss White, what are-" Egor tried to complete his sentence but Miss No-Ears cut it off again.

Why is this girl like this? I'm seriously considering putting a bullet into her head but I am just trying to control myself with the reason that the poor guy who collects dead souls would go deranged then what happens to the souls.

That's the only reason I'm not putting a bullet through her head.

"Oh I know we are here for a purpose. Since the respected Monk is a server of mankind and savior of humanity, we are here to do something for these orphan kids." She said leading us inside an old building of orphanage.

"My aunt, my cousin's Albina's mom, was an orphan before she fell in love with my uncle and made a family of her own. So from the moment I and Albina were born, she started taking us to the orphanage and made us donate all our perfectly fine used material to them in the name of charity. She use to say that this will teach us the art of giving and happiness you acquire through such satisfaction." She explained with a small smile maybe reminiscing about her family.

Through the background check I did, I know that she lost her parents and Albina's parents in a plane crash.

She must've gone through so much. I feel sorry for her.

"So, we are here to donate something?" I asked ready to take out my cheque book and sign off few thousand dollars.

"No. We are not donating anything in material." In material? As in we are donating something. Not in material then how?

I and Egor raised an eyebrow towards her in question and she grinned like a sly cat who got its mice in trap.

Damn I'm a mafia then why am I suddenly feeling creepy? I am supposed to be dangerous and scare the shit out of people then why is she not getting scared of my brooding looks and dark emotionless eyes. She should be shivering in terror but this petite girl in front of me is grinning at me as if I am as harmless as a fly can be.

This is completely a different impression I was expecting to give.

"Then what are we doing here?" Egor narrowed his eyes at her and I can a little... just a little uneasiness in his eyes.

The great assassin and the torturer, Egor Smirnov is feeling uncomfortable to tag a harmless innocent girl.

But then again, she is physically harmless but her mental status is totally a different matter. In this one hour of meeting her I did come to know her brain can destroy the whole mankind without even lifting her pinky finger. Unintentionally of course!

"Come you will know." She led us into a large room where the children are running around and a couple ladies are holding few sheets of papers trying to tell them something. There was a stage arranged at one side of the room and few properties like wigs, clothes and other props are placed on it.

I and Egor looked at each other at the same time and gulped inaudibly at the creepy feeling running down our spine.

I am an effing Mafia King for goodness sake, why the hell am I afraid of?

"Hello, my little Dinos." Mental girl yelled and the kids ran towards her and hugged her legs. She patted their head and moved towards the ladies, "I've got the main lead" She said and turned towards us smiling.

Oh how beautiful her smile is, but blast her intentions. What does she mean she has got a main lead? For what?

"Listen Zinnia, I am –" There she goes again. Goodness, sorry grim reaper but can I please put the effing bullent into her head. What does she not listen to the full sentence?

"Ready. I know. You are a respected person so obviously you will be ready for this. So since I have been earning, I would not make much of the saving to donate here so I and Albina started presenting plays for these kids once every year. This year we are planning for a werewolf romance and were looking for a main lead for the play. Now that you are here, we need to start up and practice. We have only three months to make a complete two hours of play."

I take what I said back. I dont feel sorry for her anymore.

I almost pulled out the gun from my inside pocket if not for Egor who held my hand from doing something regrettable. He wore an amused smile again and winked at me.

Of course, you are not the one who is stuck here with a silly play.

"I don't want to –"

"Disappoint these little kids, I know. That's why I chose you for the job. You are monk but look at you so decent and look-able with milky smooth skin, pretty eyes, sticking out of place nose and impressible height. You look apt for the werewolf character. I know you would do before I ask you since you are so good at heart and an angel without wings, but why do you look like you are in pain?" She said nonstop without bothering to take a breath.

Did she just say I have pretty eyes and milky smooth skin? F

**k sake I'm a man I don't have milky smooth decent looking face.

Girl, why are you so blind? Look at me. I am in pain because you don't know who I am and what I am capable of and you keep on digging your grave.

Darn it! Now should I be the werewolf of her play. Damn, what I got myself into? I should've not replied to her message.

"Ah, I understand, you must be practicing the emotion for you first shift into werewolf for a play? But first let me tell you the story. I wrote it myself." Mental girl smiled at the ladies and finally thought of introducing us. Once we are introduced, they left us alone in Zinnia's hands to tell the story.

"Alright. I'm leaving now since you got your main lead." Egor stood up and tried to walk away. I stiffen at the thought of him escaping from this torture and leaving me alone to be a dog in her play. I was about to stop him but can anyone skip from Zinnia's death grip?


"Where are you going, Mr. Egor. I have a role for you too. You will be the beggar." I didn't want to but I chuckled out imagining him in torn beggar clothes his sorry handsome face.

That would be one great sight to behold. I almost kissed her for stopping him. If i'm in misery then he should share it too.

Egor wanted to oppose but knowing the mental girl, she wouldn't let him complete his sentence and assume whatever she wanted to. So with a scowl Egor took the chair beside me and put on a defeated look.

You cannot win over her, Egor. I'm so sorry my boy for not able to protect you and myself. Consider it as patience training that we use to take back few years ago.

Just patience training!

"Okay. Now coming to the story, Damian which is Mr. Monk, will be the only werewolf alive on this planet and he was given the responsible to make a kingdom of his own by turning people to werewolves. I will be playing female lead Anna, a human. Damian is a possessive, cruel and overwhelmingly controlling freak where as Anna is sweet, loving and kind like and angel, just like me. Anna works at a café in her town and she encounters Danny who is a young but a sagging beggar on her way to home and always gives him food." She said as if she is proud of herself.

What is she proud of?

For making such a great story according to her?

"That Danny is me?" Egor want to run away as far as he can. I know it by the look of his face. If my men or anyone in my circle knows about being a part of a f***king werewolf play, then what face would I show them?

"Yes. Don't think that you have not much character in this. You will tell me about Damian stalking me and you will also have love interest for me because you fell for my charms, kindness, beauty and my smile. You would give a competition to Damien. But of course he would win me in the end."

I and Egor sighed audibly and looked helplessly at her trying to express our unwillingness through our expressions since she is not a person to listen but seems like she has a great assumption power.

"Oh please. You don't have to get anxious about this. You will play perfectly so don't worry. Now let's just a small necessary audition done. I will see how you can act. Mr. Monk, I mean Damian, you need to look into my eyes with a dark look and growl 'MINE'"

Dear God, please help. Have I ever knocked your door for help ever? This is the first time so please show mercy.

I closed my eyes to control my raising aggravation and just gave in to do whatever she asks of.

Should I get out of this situation by telling her that I'm a Mafia?

That sounds like a great plan right now.

"Mine!" I said looking into her eyes.

He eyes has this doe shape and when she smiles they turn into a beautiful half moon. I wonder why beauty and brains have different manufacturing departments.

"Nah, it's too casual. You should say with conviction." She said and walked over to Egor and kissed him on his cheek and looked towards me expectantly.

I raised an eyebrow arrogantly and looked at her in confusion.

What is she expecting me to do?

"uh huh. You are supposed to be jealous when I kissed him. You love me, remember? Anyways, we will work on your emotions and expressions slowly. We have three month in our hands so I will make it possible. You are too much soft spoken for this character but we will turn you a little evil for the character goals." She said nodding her head doing some mind calculations.

That's it. I'm not going to play a f***ing dog for her play. If it makes me makes her let me go then scaring her with my background is the only option I have.

I now completely understand why her friend wanted to send her for counseling. She is extreme, wild and crazy and im not going to sacrifice my flourishing Mafia life for an unstable woman.

"I am evil, little Zinnia. I'm a Mafia after all" I stated looking at her with an evil smile which usually send chills to anyone and piss their pants.


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