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Zinnia Point of View

'Oh, I wish I was a big old dinosaur, Oh, I wish I was a big old dinosaur, Oh, I'd roam day and night, And growl with all my might, Oh, I wish I was a big old dinosaur!'

"Grrrr" The kids recited their favorite dinosaur poem and growled at each other. These little cute monsters are only ones who have the power to make me work as a teacher from a long time.

Ah, how can kids be this cute? I want a baby of my own too.

'Get treated for your fickle disease and then think about a baby. Who knows when you get bored of your own kid and kidnaps other's kid and leave yours with them? You cannot be trusted with my babies' my cerebrum retorted scoffing at me.

This logical thinking part of my brain is not really a good friend of mine. Such a spoilsport it is.

"Miss White, Miss White" Zach, four year old little boy with sandy blond hair and cute little dimples pulled my pant to gain my attention. I looked down and smiled at the cute troublemaker of the class.

"Yes, Honey." I patted his cheek and crouched down to his level.

"I want to become a dinosaur when I am big. Did you see any dinosaur, Miss White?" He asked cupping his cheeks with his hands shyly.

Aww, I'm definitely having a kid of mine own once I get my cerebrum the treatment she needed.

"Yes I have. All of you honey bees sit on your chairs. I am going to tell you all my experience with my pet Dinosaur." I clapped

"You have a pet Dinosaur?" Lily, the shy kid of the class asked with a gasp.

"Yes. I had it long back ago when I was at your age. I named it hoity toity. He was such a spoil brat but I loved him a lot." I said adding a dreamy note to my story.

"But Miss, Uncle Freddie said that real dinosaurs died many years ago in crr – cretaceous era." Luke, the clever kid of the class questioned.

I wish my kid would never turn out to be this smart. Smart people doesn't buy my stories and I, being an obsessive bluffer, want to make myself look invincible to people. Adults wouldn't buy my innocent stories but kids are so innocent and cute that they believe everything I say.

One of the reason I love being a kinder garden teacher is to feed my bluffer side.

"Yes sweetie, but do you want to know how I had a real dinosaur pet?" I asked invoking some curiosity and all the kids nodded their head attentively. With my one year of teacher experience, I came to know that kids believe easily when we give curious baits. Anyways these stories increase creativity in kids so there's no harm in a little self praise.

"I was a dinosaur in my last birth." I whispered to them as if this was a grave secret.

All the little monsters gasped eyes widened and looked at me in amazement.

"Yes. I was a dinosaur. In my last birth, when I was coming back from school, I –" I was cut off by Luke, "Miss White, Dinosaurs go to schools?"

Uh, Luke, why don't you concentrate on story? You are too young to know scientific details. Parents these days are going overboard feeding children with unnecessary knowledge at a very young age.

"There are. We use to go to elemental schools. I was a fire elemental." I said proudly and Luke's eyes widened a little.

"Wow Miss White, You are amazing." The whole class clapped in amazement which made me so happy. This is what I'm craving for.

"Anyways, I was returning from my school after a tiring class when the sky started throwing large rocks on to the earth. It's called asteroids. All my Dino family and my Dino colleagues and friends started to die. I'm the youngest Dino female in our kind and at last while trying to protect my family from the attack, I died too." I put on a sad face and wiped fake tear from my eyes and noticed that the kids are wiping their tears too.

"I wish I was there with you, Miss White. I would've protected you. I love you so much." Zach said crying.

Oh dear, I love you all too.

I hugged him and patted his back and all of a sudden all the kids ran to me and hugged me from all the sides.

It's confirmed that I'm having loads of kids later on. I just love all these little monsters.

"Stops crying, my honey bees. List

en to the whole story first." I leaned back and looked at the kids with affection. "After my Dino body died, I was presented to God for being good. So God was very impressed by me and told me to take birth as your Miss White and tell my story to all of you kids and tell you all that he will reward you all with gifts if you all be good." I said in a soothing tone. They smiled at me and jumped in excited 'yes'.

"You are Amazing, Miss White. We love a lot" Kids yelled and I was so happy that they are happy.

As if on cue the bell rang and it's time to go home. Waving all the monsters a goodbye, I walked out of the school and found Albina waiting for me with her beaten up old BMW.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her narrowing my eyes. She never came to pick me up unless I ask her to, more like I beg her. So what happened that she came to me on her own?

"Obviously came to pick you up" I raised my eyebrow and she just shook her head on nonchalant.

"Why all of a sudden when I didn't even beg you?"

"Tuyen." Ah, that was an enough answer for me. Tuyen.

She was making sure I don't wander off somewhere and get myself into something big.

"You know, I'm not that impulsive. It's just one time thing. I rarely get myself into something big. You both don't have to worry about me. I'm smart enough to get out of mess I make. I'm twenty one, for god's sake." I scowled at her and stomped my feet. In return I only got a raise of eyebrow.

Okay shit, fine. I frequently get myself into mess but it doesn't mean my best friend and my cousin keep an eye on me like some crazy stalkers.

"Alright don't even answer me. I got my answer. Let's go. I'm hungry." I grumbled and got into the passenger seat.

After Albina made sure I'm tugged in our warm apartment, fed and refreshed, she went to her room to work on her projects.

I laid back on my bed and started playing with my mobile phone deep in thoughts.

Should I send a message to the Monk?

Or should I not?

I think I should wait for few more days and see if I get rid of my habits on my own. I at least deserve a self treatment.

And right on cue like my devil friend has been invading my mind texted me.

'You better put a message to the monk today or I will do it myself if I find you didn't.' - Tuyen

I still wonder how she always know what I was thinking. She chose a wrong profession. She must've took fortune telling as her degree.

Huffing and taking a deep breath, I opened my social media account. Finally it is time.

Alright what was the user Id name that Tuyen said? Mon... Mongrel?

Yes I did remember her saying 'Mongrel'.

I typed 'Mongrel' in search space and immediately found what I was looking for. There was large mongrel as profile picture and the members of the group are not visible. It's a private group like Tuyen said. I looked for posts uploaded by the group and they were mostly about self confidence and about nature so I think I'm in the right group.

I hesitated for few minutes to put a message or not and what exactly to put. After thinking for almost an hour, I finally gathered courage to put everything in it.

Taking a deep breath, I started writing my biography.

'Hello Mr. Monk, I'm Zinnia Mae White, a kinder garden teacher with many problems on my head. My friend suggested me to take wise advices from you to cure my disease so after a lot of thought I dared to message you.

I have many problems around me, create by me. My friend says that I'm a lot impulsive and doesn't complete what I started when my excitement dies down and to some extent she is correct. For that reason I've been involved into many unfortunate incidents and thankfully my friend and my cousin saved me every time.

But today I'm here to get advice from you for this disease. I know mine is not a big problem at all but I still want an advice from you.

On that note, I will be waiting for your quick reply.

Thank you for listening to me and do not over look my message I don't like it.

From Zinnia.'


Now I just need to wait for the reply. Phew. Let's see what advice I get.


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