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   Chapter 4186 Obey My Orders

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A deep voice cut through the quiet air. "Judging from your attitude, it seems that you don't want to talk about the alliance any more." Zen tightened his grip on Lawler's wing and coldly added, "Or do you think that I'm a human, who doesn't have the strength or qualifications?"

After Zen said those words, his vice-like grip on Lawler's wing became even more rigid.


At that moment, a straight, thin red thread materialized and punctured Lawler's wing.

"Swish, swish, swish..."

Everyone present heard the sound of the thin thread piercing through Lawler's wing, which was followed by countless rays of red light that floated atop the wing's surface.


Then, the red light cut the wing into several pieces, which fell to the ground.

Manuel, who squatted somewhere not far away, also saw the scene. A chill ran down his spine.

He had heard Tearrag talk about this theurgy of Zen before. The theurgy let Zen cut bodies into pieces quickly with the help of blood streaks.

However, Manuel thought that he was much stronger than Tearrag, so he did not take Zen seriously.

Then again, Lawler was just as powerful as him, and Lawler could not defend himself in the slightest against Zen's red thread. Perhaps if he touched that red thread, he too, would be seriously injured.

"Lawler, I wonder if this strength could be considered powerful in your eyes?" Zen asked coldly.

When Zen uttered those words, both Lawler and the Grandmaster of Heaven were stunned.

After all, Lawler never thought that this human could hurt him.

On the other hand, such injuries naturally meant nothing to the Treacherous Being.

Lawler trembled slightly, and the Treacherous Being's body parts that fell to the ground jumped up one by one. Then, they quickly stuck to each other until they returned to their previous shape.

"You surprised me," Lawler muttered, the arrogance in his eyes completely gone now.

Zen's attack was like a waterfall that splashed straight into his heart and cleared his mind.

Indeed, both the Monkey Spirit King and the Great Ape King were not stupid. There was certainly a reason they supported Zen so much!

"Let's continue to talk about the alliance," Zen calmly stated.

"Didn't you just refuse?" Lawler said in surprise.

"That's because your condition is not right," Zen said with a shake of his head.

"What do you want?"

When the Grandmaster of Heaven heard Lawler ask such a question, he could not help but sigh inwardly.

Although Lawler was powerful,

pirit King? Was there anything else to it?" she asked.

Not to mention, the people present and even the Bird Masters could not figure out why the Snake Spirit King had let the Bird Spirit King go that day.

Meanwhile, when Lawler returned to the nest in Jade Pure Realm, he told the other Bird Masters about Zen's request.

When Dural, Orval, and the other Bird Masters heard the news, they felt furious.

To give their lives to a mere human being?

That was way too much!

What a wishful thought!

However, the commotion only lasted for a short while. After Lawler analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the fate of the Bird Spirit Sect, the Bird Masters all fell silent.

It was true that they had no other choice.

In the end, the Bird Masters made a compromise and bowed in front of the Bird Spirit King.

Of course, they never dared to tell the Bird Spirit King, Sheehan, what truly happened. Although Sheehan had not awakened yet, he would surely turn the world upside down once he heard about the matter.

It also went without saying that the Snake Spirit King in the Heavenly Square City saw the scene with the Limited Omnipotent Stone.

"Why? Why don't we stop them?" the Snake Spirit King asked desperately.

"Why should we? Are you afraid of so many Bird Masters?" the black light asked back.

"Of course I'm not afraid of the Bird Masters," the Snake Spirit King said disdainfully.

"Once the Bird Masters join, it would make them enter the Jade Pure Realm faster," the black light said.

"Tell me. What the hell do you want to do?" the Snake Spirit King asked.

The black light didn't answer, but it surprisingly burst into laughter.

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