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The Monkey Spirit King and the Monkey Masters were relatively simple-minded, so they were not good at strategizing.

The Monkey Spirit King had completely put his trust in Zen. In any case, Zen and the humans were against the Snake Spirit Sect, so he figured he could let them deal with everything.

The Grandmaster of Heaven didn't know the details, so he assumed Zen was submissive to the Monkey Spirit King, just like he was submissive to the Bird Masters.

Therefore, when he had heard Zen's words, he was totally surprised.

"Well, is it any use talking to you?" the Grandmaster of Heaven asked.

"Of course it is," replied Zen calmly.

Although Zen wore a serious expression, the Grandmaster of Heaven still didn't believe him. He said, "Don't joke with me, boy."

"I'm not kidding," Zen said gravely.

The Grandmaster of Heaven's eyes shifted to the side of the hall, where two Monkey Masters stood guarding the door. The two Monkey Masters must have heard Zen's words, but they seemed unaffected by them.

Helplessly, the Grandmaster of Heaven said, "Please step back."

Zen and the human heroes did as he said.

The Grandmaster of Heaven spread out his hands, and two golden crosses appeared in his palms. When the crosses coincided, the coordinates appeared in front of him.


A soft sound rang in everyone's ears, and a shadow of a huge bird materialized in front of them. It was the Bird Master, Lawler.

Compared to the other Bird Masters, Lawler was just of medium build, yet his head almost touched the ceiling of the hall.

Lowering his head slightly, he saw the group of humans standing before him. He bore a strange, ambiguous expression. "Grandmaster of Heaven, I came here in person to see the Monkey Spirit King. Why are these humans here?"

"They said we could talk about this matter with them," the Grandmaster of Heaven said with an indifferent shrug.


Lawler raised his head arrogantly.

In doing so, his head smashed open the ceiling of the hall. Then, he let out a long howl.


The high pitched howl echoed all throughout the Night View Island.

Shortly after, a huge and agile figure ran wildly along the lake. When he closed in on the hall, he leapt up high and kicked open the door to the hall.


The huge vibration made everyo

at the last moment, the Snake Spirit King had retreated. Lawler, Duran, Orval and other Bird Masters had yet to figure out why he had chosen to retreat instead.

"What are you going to do after we form an alliance?" Zen continued to ask.

Lawler replied, "We hope the Monkey Spirit Sect will help us to launch a counterattack against the Snake Spirit Sect. We have already come up with a good plan."

The Bird Spirit King that hadn't awakened yet was no match for the Snake Spirit King, but with the help of the invincible Monkey Spirit King, they were hoping to tip the scales in their favor.

"I refuse," Zen replied bluntly.

"Then go to hell!"

The killing intent in Lawler's eyes boiled, and his wing slashed down on Zen's head like a four hundred-foot-long saber.

His speed was so fast that even Manuel squatting nearby did not have the time to react.


The whole hall was smashed into pieces.

The Grandmaster of Heaven was also shocked. Lawler had killed Zen instantly! Things were getting heated now.


Not far away, Manuel took a deep breath and blew the dust and rubble into the lake.

As the dust cleared, the Grandmaster of Heaven gasped in shock at what he saw.

Zen was still standing, perfectly unharmed, with one hand stretched out, holding the tip of Lawler's wing with ease.

Lawler was totally shocked. The Grandmaster of Heaven had mentioned this several times before, but it never fully registered on Lawler how strong this human was.

But even so, how could he easily resist his attack?

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