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   Chapter 4162 The Broken Bell

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During the days of the 77th chaotic era, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, and the other human heroes had made their judgment.

According to them, it took more than nine million divine megatons of power to complete the Finale Way.

That was what they had concluded under certain conditions.

However, such a conclusion turned out to be so rash and childish.

In the next chaotic eras, many ruling creatures still wanted to complete the Finale Way, and the amounts of power they calculated varied.

Among them, the Heavenly Obsession Civilization had made an accurate calculation, and at the same time, they figured out that they needed one hundred and sixty million divine megatons of power to do that. The amount of power they calculated was far greater than what the human race had computed.

Still, their result was not comprehensive nor was it the most precise one.

Based on the information Elder Xue had provided, only ten million divine megatons of power was needed to complete the Finale Way.

After all, the purpose of restarting the whole chaos and entering a cycle of reincarnation was to provide energy to the four pillars. The process of restarting shouldn't consume too much energy.

The only thing was that the chaos was different from all the other secondary worlds.

The Snake Spirit Sect had once transformed the world, and it took a large amount of power to complete the Finale Way. Furthermore, Elder Xue had said that an exceptionally powerful being existed behind the Snake Spirit King, so the energy needed to complete the Finale Way would be equivalent to infinite.

Halfway through Elder Xue's dream, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord already understood that perhaps the only way to stabilize the chaos' situation was to kill the Snake Spirit King.

That was a nearly desperate answer.

After all, the Snake Spirit King had defeated even the Human Spirit King, the Monkey Spirit King, and the Bird Spirit King. How could the human race or the other races in the secondary world beat him?

Those ruling forces that planned to complete the Finale Way didn't know what kind of powerful opponents they were about to face. If only they knew, they surely would not fight at all!

However, it was not until the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord finished passing through the dream when he realized that there was a turning point in this matter.

Elder Xue had a way to bear the ancestry-level bloodline.

After the disaster in the main world, all the creatures went extinct

thing else," Augustus said and shook his head.

The Ruin Graveyard had many speculations about the Mysterious Yellow Tower. One of those speculations, which Rocher had confirmed, was that the owner of the Mysterious Yellow Tower was most likely a human being, or at least supported the human race.

It was evident when Bromley had received special care after he went to the Ruin Graveyard, and in the changes after the divine land entered the Ruin Graveyard.

"According to Lorena, the human race is not a powerful force on the Other Shore. They will surely encounter strong enemies. I hope they can get through them safely," Bromley said anxiously.

The Other Shore Realm warriors in the Ruin Graveyard relied on the Mysterious Yellow Tower. If the tower was gone, it would be hard for everyone to progress in their cultivation.

"Let me go there and try," Hallet suggested.

He suspected that Augustus had offended the people in the tower because he spoke too recklessly.

Afterward, Hallet took out his fishing rod and swung it forcefully, about to ring the bell.

But before he touched the big bell, it started to ring.


The bell let out a strange chime, and even the people outside the Divine Bell City heard it clearly.

In the end, however, the sound became high and sharp. It was so shrill that even the Other Shore Realm warriors couldn't help but cover their ears.

"Dong! Crack!"

Suddenly, the sound stopped.

A crack appeared in the middle of the big bell, and the bell's surface abruptly curled up.

If so many Other Shore Realm warriors hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would have thought that someone had destroyed the bell.

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