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   Chapter 4157 The Source Of Curse

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Sheehan's plan was simple.

His objective was to kill Cornelius, so from the very beginning, he focused on him alone, locking him as his target.


Half of the sky was overlaid with the dispersed purple light.

In the purple zone, Sheehan was nearly indestructible. This was his game. No one would be able to calculate his movements, what more to counter them.

Just now, Sheehan did not fly over the long distance when he took the Snake Spirit King to the edge, nor did he open a space channel. He just disappeared from a place and reappeared at another place. To Sheehan, it was quite simple, but to the others, it was incomprehensible.

With Sheehan's unpredictable movements, there was no way for anyone to be able to locate where he was or to determine when to strike. Within the purple light, he was moving too fast.

As soon as he finished speaking, Sheehan disappeared once again.

Cornelius, the Snake Spirit King, felt his body tremble, and then, before he was able to react, he was lifted into the air and then thrown into the Void Dust again. It all happened too fast.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle...

Just like that, Cornelius was completely devoured by the Void Dust, leaving nothing behind, Then the ball that wrapped around his coordinates appeared again.

Unfortunately for Sheehan, the ball appeared outside of the purple light. He knew he had to get the ball, but if he were to step outside of the light, he would put himself in danger.

As he extended his wings, the purple light extended as well, reaching for the ball.

He treated the light as if it were a part of his body. If he were able to move it far enough to meet the ball, he would be able to claim it without breaking a sweat.

However, as the light inched closer to the ball, something strange happened.

The ball avoided the light. If the light flew towards the ball, the ball would fly even further from it. The two moved at the same speed, making it nearly impossible for the two to meet.

After the nearly hundred-mile-chase, the Snake Spirit King emerged from the ball.

As soon as this happened, Sheehan immediately began his attack, once again enveloping the Snake Spirit King with the light

and throwing him into the Void Dust.

However, this time, it was different. Even though the Snake Spirit King was still struggling, his beady, crescent-shaped eyes were telling a different story—one of vengeance. Little did Sheehan know that a three-headed snake was crawling at his back.

The Snake Spirit King was not stupid. From the very beginning, he knew that with Sheehan's abilities, especially in terms of speed, he would not be able to compete.

The Snake Spirit King had all the resources he needed, but he knew he didn't need to exhaust all that to defeat Sheehan. A Holy Item could do it for him.

The three-headed

gh Sewell was trying to keep his composure, under the siege of the three Bird Masters, he could hardly hold on.

All of a sudden, Lawler's body was held frozen as if he forgot to breathe.

"Lawler, what's the matter with you?" Duran asked in confusion, worrying for his friend. He had been working with him for so long, but this was the first time he had seen him stunned into immovability.

Lawler gently waved his right wing, revealing the golden coordinates.

When Duran and Orval saw this, their expressions changed drastically, joining that of Lawler's.

"Our king..."

"He has been killed!"

"Has he lost the battle with the Snake Spirit King?"

The three Bird Masters were all in a state of confusion and panic, their distressed voices overlapping each other's questions.

At this time, this was the last thing they wanted to happen.

The Bird Spirit King's strength was not less than the Snake Spirit King's; in this aspect, they probably equaled each other. To think of Sheehan dying was unacceptable to them, but the result was not that shocking to them as he had not awakened and the Snake Spirit King possessed the Holy Items.

What shocked them more was the short period wherein this happened.

While the three Bird Masters were stirring in their sad air, Sewell, on the other hand, was overcome with joy. He had been continuously defeated, but seeing this was more than enough to provide him with great courage. His body suddenly sprung up into the sky, flying towards the coordinates on Lawler's wing.

If the coordinates were destroyed, the Bird Spirit King would completely perish. Because of this, Lawler, despite his extreme sadness, carried on, doing his best to protect it from Sewell.

As Sewell went for his wing, Lawler withdrew it, soaring higher into the sky.

However, as he was about to shoot higher up in the air, a huge shadow enveloped him.

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