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   Chapter 4156 The Fastest Speed

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Among the four sect leaders, the Bird Spirit King Sheehan was the fastest. He also had the most profound understanding of space.

To the creatures of the main world, the Deep Space was an obscure and incomprehensible area.

Many of them, including those of the Four Spirits Sect, had entered and explored the Deep Space. However, only Sheehan could explore it easily and effortlessly.

He had once reached the unreachable depths of the Deep Space, making him the only one who could bring back the ancestry-level bloodline.

The Snake Spirit King observed Sheehan's every move through the Limited Omnipotent Stone and he saw him flap his wings. "Sheehan is going to make a move," he warned.

But Sheehan was too fast. Even if the Snake Spirit King watched his movement, he couldn't do anything to stop him. There was always a way to deflate other theurgies, but the winner was defined by speed.

After the Snake Spirit King's alert, Sewell stood on guard. The next moment, they noticed wisps of purple light.

Sewell felt a slight chill as a wisp of purple light swept past his body. He then saw a huge bird's claw appear in front of him.

The claw disappeared quickly before his eyes. Sewell blinked, uncertain whether it was a phantom or not.

At the next minute, an unforeseen force pressed down on them.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Three crevices of tens of thousands of feet long imprinted around Sewell. These were Sheehan's claw print. Sewell was then crushed into the depths of the ground, breaking his body into several pieces.

Despite the ghastly power of Sheehan's claw, it couldn't kill a Treacherous Being without the help of the Light of Annihilation. Sewell's broken body parts wriggled like earthworms. They moved towards each other and slowly reconnected into a whole.

Sewell couldn't avoid Sheehan's claw, neither could the Snake Spirit King beside him.

After all, Sheehan's target was the Snake Spirit King. The purple light wrapped the Snake Spirit King and a strong force clashed unto him—it was Sheehan's huge body.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

Because of t

him into the Void Dust so that he would be swallowed alive.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Even as a Treacherous Being, the Snake Spirit King couldn't escape the devouring power of the Void Dust.

The huge body of the Snake Spirit King squirmed desperately in the Void Dust, but after struggling for a while, he was consumed completely.

After he was annihilated, Sheehan's brutal stare weakened a little.

The Snake Spirit King was his biggest enemy, but killing him was not enough to satisfy him.

Sheehan flapped his wings and the purple light floated to the other side. Just as he was about to follow it, a ball suddenly appeared not far away. The ball rapidly expanded, producing a set of golden coordinates.

The Snake Spirit King slowly broke out from the golden coordinates. The Limited Omnipotent Stone on his forehead remained intact. After he emerged, the ball engulfed the golden coordinates and disappeared.

"You... You didn't die?" Sheehan's eyes widened with confusion.


You are stupid because you haven't awakened." The Snake Spirit King shook his head mockingly.

To kill Treacherous Beings once and for all, their coordinates had to be destroyed. It was not a secret in the Jade Pure Realm, but Sheehan seemed to know nothing about it.

"Well then, I'll kill you over and over until you finally die!" Sheehan roared, once again overcome by killing intent.

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