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   Chapter 4154 Release

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Silence hung thick in the air as the human spirits of the Broad House, Joy House, and Black House stayed quiet.

They knew well that if they spoke out at this time, they would end up in the same miserable situation as those five people, and their coordinates would be shattered into pieces.

On the other hand, Balfour was quite satisfied with Gianni's deterrence.

It seemed that it was a wise decision to hand over these human spirits to Gianni, who would rule over them.

"Snake Master, our Human Spirit Sect is ready. When will we start the thirteenth round of attack?" Gianni asked, loyalty evident in his face.

Balfour thought for a moment, and said, "We might have to wait two days before launching the thirteenth round of attack. Although our Cyan Snake Department performed well this time, the Bird Spirit Sect violently counterattacked the Black Snake Department and the Divine Snake Department, and some of the snake spirits haven't gotten revived yet."

The Snake Spirit Sect suffered huge losses, and the Bird Spirit Sect was even worse.

Based on the current situation, the Bird Spirit Sect would have a hard time defending if they got attacked one or two more times.

However, the revival speed of the snake spirits was too slow, and it was even a burden to the entire Snake Spirit Sect.

"You human spirits resurrected quite fast. Sewell asked me to bring your coordinates into the battlefield of the Wine Basin," said Balfour. Then he added, "So after you die next time, you can resurrect quickly and launch the attack again…"

Upon hearing his words, many of the human spirits felt scared once again.

It was already very dangerous to put the coordinates in the Mist City. How could they bring those directly to the battlefield of the Wine Basin?

If Balfour died, the Bird Masters would surely destroy all the human spirits' coordinates.

Of course, they would also die by then!

Even the ever-loyal Gianni's face darkened.

"When I enter the Wine Basin, surely there will be powerful Bird Masters there who will target me. So, I want to hand over the coordinates of the human spirits to you. What do you think?" Balfour asked.

Alphonse, Hamilton, and the rest all looked at Gianni, who was shocked. "That's not applicable. If I'm in charge of the lives of the human spirits, I'm afraid I can't take on this responsibility well," he stated.

"It doesn't matter. I trust you. You don't have to fight personally. Y

"If you haven't treated me like that, how could I get the chance?" Gianni said.

"But the Other Shore is so big. Even if we escape with the coordinates, I'm afraid it would be hard to find a place to hide," Alphonse mumbled anxiously.

Gianni stared at Alphonse and asked, "Why did the Snake Spirit King suddenly want to kill the monkey spirits?"

The monkey spirits in the Heavenly Square City were surely not weak, and they were even much more powerful than the three human houses. Moreover, they were quite loyal and obedient. They were good helpers of the Snake Spirit Sect.

Despite that, the Snake Spirit King suddenly removed their coordinates and annihilated all of them. Something was not right.

Alphonse only shook his head as he couldn't figure out what was going on.

"Monkey spirits are usually loyal to the Snake Spirit King, but what if the Monkey Spirit King woke up?" Gianni asked.

"You mean..." There was silence as Alphonse stared wide-eyed at Gianni in disbelief.

Gianni nodded and continued, "I've seen a few human beings on the Pure Sky Platform, and they saved the world builders. I don't know if the awakening of the Monkey Spirit King has anything to do with those humans, but I suggest you go to the Night View Island!"

It was not a secret that the Monkey Spirit King remained on the Night View Island. The human spirits also knew that the passageway to the Night View Island had gotten destroyed. Therefore, Gianni deduced that something had happened on the Night View Island based on the information he had learned.

At that moment, the snake-shaped mark on his shoulder suddenly lit up.

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