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   Chapter 4151 Erase Coordinates

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There were a total of four teams behind Sewell, the Divine Snake Department, the Black Snake Department, the Cyan Snake Department, and the Abdomen Poison Department.

Sewell himself led the Divine Snake Department which consisted of the strongest elites of the Snake Spirit Sect.

"The Black Snake Department, and the Cyan Snake Department, you attack from both sides!" Sewell commanded with authority.

"The Cyan Snake Department got it!"

"The Black Snake Department, attack!"

the two Snake Masters standing respectively on the left and right teams responded, leading the teams to charge towards the Wine Basin...

"Divine Snake Department, follow me to attack!"

Sewell rushed into the Wine Basin first after his order.

His body expanded rapidly the moment he rushed into the Wine Basin. The high water splashed on both sides.

The elites of the Divine Snake Department followed his lead and also stepped in!

The last one of the four teams, the Abdomen Poison Department, specialized at using poison. They usually wandered around when a battle was in full swing, but at this moment, they stayed put.

"Da! Da! Da!"

On the right side of the Wine Basin, a group of human spirits walked fast on the water. They skimmed like dragonflies across the water–advancing with naturally graceful movements.

The three houses of the Human Spirit Sect were regrouped and joined the Cyan Snake Department. Together with the other members of the Cyan Snake Department, they hurried to the right side of the Wine Basin.

The bird spirits had built many complicated bird nests in the Wine Basin. These nests were sturdy and huge, supported by complex internal structures.

Since they couldn't use spatial transference, the several teams could only break in by force relying on their bodies.

"This time, we people of the three houses will try our best to take down the first three bird nests. If anyone slacks off, I will report them to the Cyan Snake Department and have their coordinates erased forever!" Gianni shouted, walking in front of the team.

The human spirits of the Black House, the Broad House, and the Joy House had long been dissatisfied with the Snake Spirit Sect. Previously, they only guarded the various Pure Sky Platforms and did insignificant things. But now they were involved in a battle with the Bird Spirit Sect, the anger in them intensified.


oped the ice sculptures, it produced a magical effect. The Treacherous Beings melted like snow lying under the sun's heat...

As the other human spirits witnessed this, they all turned to look at Gianni. Death was not scary–what was terrifying was the removal of their coordinates.

"Three people died already?" asked Gianni with a wicked smile on his face. "It seems that five people is not enough. I will double the number. The ten people who die first will have their coordinates erased!"

The human spirits shuddered. Overcome with resentment, they decided to proceed. They all used their best skills to counterattack.

"Sword haze, destructive move!"

Alphonse somersaulted and a bright long sword appeared in his hand.

The long sword was made of Holy Stone. Countless rays of snow-white sword radiance mixing with the Light of Annihilation shone upwards.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

The Light of Annihilation instantly pierced through the Snow Birds, shattering them into pieces.

Under Alphonse's lead, the human spirits all launched a counterattack.

Although the Snow Birds had a populous destructive tendency, their defense was extremely weak. They lost their fighting power after being hit by the Light of Annihilation.

The human spirits of the three houses were not weak. They worked together forming a strong line of defense.

Despise their large number, the Snow Birds fell one after another from only a hundred feet away. In less than three minutes, more than ten thousand Snow Birds had been eliminated, leaving no Snow Bird flying out from the nests again.

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