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Zen did not restrain the ancestry-level bloodline, and as a result, it turned into a blood mist and evaporated in the air in the primitive land.

In turn, the primitive land began to tremble again, and blood waterfalls flowed out from the blood mist on the dome.

When the blood waterfalls had flowed down to the bottom, they condensed and formed blood pillars.

There were a total of three hundred and seventy-three blood pillars, and each of them had a corresponding type of blood power of the ancestry-level bloodline.


Bright blood light suddenly appeared within the blood pillars, and then turned into long arrows that flew towards Zen.

However, he did not dodge and allowed the arrows to hit him.


As soon as the first blood arrow struck him, he felt something appear in his mind, and it turned out to be the blood power.

That blood power was an ability in the creation quadrant.

Before he could even test it out, more blood-red arrows shot towards him.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff...

Every time a blood-red arrow hit him, a specific kind of blood power appeared in his mind.

More than thirty seconds had passed, and all the blood-red arrows had entered his body. Then, the full power of the ancestry-level bloodline started to appear in his mind.

"The power of space..."

At that moment, he stretched out his hand and pointed to the distance.

Afterward, layers of square spaces appeared somewhere in the primitive land.

The spaces were surprisingly stable and almost as good as the space Othniel had created with the truth power.

"Destructive power! Explode!"

Red flames filled the air as all the spaces exploded at the same time. The destructive power spread out, and fires engulfed the entire primitive land in the blazing heat.


Just then, Zen spread out his hands in the air.

When the energy in the creation quadrant fanned out, long swords appeared out of thin air from all directions.

Naturally, none of the swords were ordinary weapons as they appeared out of nowhere. Thousands of them fell like rain and collided with each other, making crisp and pleasant sounds. Soon enough, they quickly piled up into a sword mountain.

In general, the Chaos Ancient God, Judson, could create things out of thin air

rd appeared by his side and pointed at the entrance of the bubble. Then, the entrance quickly vanished without a trace.

As Dale watched the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's swift movement, he suddenly seemed to have realized something. "Old man, is someone following me?" he asked.

The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord nodded and solemnly said, "There is a trace of an aura that doesn't belong to you. I'm afraid someone has targeted you..."

"That's impossible! I've never transformed into a human form," said Dale. Even if one used their spiritual sense to check the Other Shore creature he had formed, they could not tell if the creature was real or not. He was quite confident in his bloodline ability.

Furthermore, the war between the Snake Spirit Sect and the Bird Spirit Sect was in full swing, so they could not possibly have the time to look for him.

The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord didn't say anything. He just controlled the bubble to move deeper into the ground.

In the past few years, others had discovered the bubble about two times, but it could freely move as it was not a fixed cave. When it got caught, it naturally hid in a more secluded place. Still, the Snake Spirit King thought that the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was insignificant, just like a rat that hid underground.

Right now, the Snake Spirit King was ready to kill everyone. Both the Bird Spirit King and the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, who hid underground, had to be wiped out. Of course, they would receive even worse treatment than before.

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