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   Chapter 4146 Teeth

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The human spirits had calmed down after hearing the words directly from Zen.

Plotting revenge against the Snake Spirit Sect was like digging their own graves. It was a useless and self-destructive plan.

"We understand. But what else can we do?" one of the human spirits chimed in.

This human spirit's name was Powell. He was regarded as the leader of this group of world builders. Campbell and all the other human spirits were completely obedient and loyal to him.

"Your understanding of the chaos is deeper than ours. We need your help if we ought to find out where the Human Spirit King is," Zen humbly replied.

"And why should we believe in you human beings? How can we trust you?" Powell stared at Zen. There was a look of utter skepticism in his face.

These world builders created the human beings. It was because of them that Zen and the others existed.

Powell considered human beings like Zen and the Primeval Lord of Heaven as mere carvings of the human spirits. Therefore, how could the human beings of the secondary world be the ones to lead the human spirits of the main world? This was quite unthinkable to them.

As a matter of fact, Campbell and the others had the exact same thoughts. They couldn't quite accept that notion.

Because they were their creators, it was normal for the human spirits to think that they were superior to human beings.

Nevertheless, Zen didn't care about Powell's doubts and concerns. He just smiled gently and said, "Because the Monkey Spirit King trusts me."

With that, Powell and the other human spirits fell silent. They could not argue with that.

In actuality, the world builders didn't have a good position in the Four Spirits Sect. They weren't even permitted to enter the Ten Directions House.

The Monkey Spirit King chose to put his trust on Zen. This proved to be the biggest support in Zen's favor. After that conversation, the world builders had temporarily settled down on the Night View Island.

In the past few days, Judson had tirelessly remolded the Pear Hill. He worked on it day and night.

He had already dug out about one-third of the west side of the entire Pear Hill. The stones he unearthed had been turned into metals using the force of truth. In turn, these metals were placed in a certain pattern. They formed an enormous circular structure that was thousands of miles in length.

Meanwhile, Kendrick had set up an array upon the huge structure.

"The array has already been set up. It can be activated at any point in time," Kendrick said to Zen impassively.

Zen nodded and took out the mother butterfly given to him by the real Snake Goddess. Slowly, he began to sense the location of the young butterflies.

One of these young butterflies was attached to the primitive land. Therefore, he would be able to feel t

it had turned into a lush grassland. The time flow rate was so fast that it made people feel suffocated.

The inner world's development trend in the past revealed that all sorts of creatures would appear after the plants. These creatures would slowly obtain intelligence and establish tribes. Afterwards, these tribes would turn into cities. These cities would transform into great forces, empires, and even civilizations.

Zen was not allowed to interfere with the development of the primitive land. Therefore, he could only watch in silence as it evolved.

Unfortunately, the situation did not develop as Zen imagined. There were so many things that didn't go according to his plan.

Some kind of bamboo shoot-shaped plants grew on these continents. After these plants were born, they began to devour other plants frenziedly. They started growing ceaselessly.

Therefore, the other plants on the continents merely became food for the bamboo shoot-shaped plants.

After a short amount of time, all of the plants on the continents were devoured by these predatory plants. These plants also quickly grew from dozens of feet to thousands of miles in height and extended all the way to the edge of the primitive land!

Zen had seen some gigantic plants in the Source World. Some intelligent plants were even able to reach the Other Shore Realm. However, none of them could compare to these bamboo shoot-shaped plants.

As these insatiable plants became thousands of miles tall and hundreds of miles in diameter, they intersected and gathered at the edge of the primitive land.

Zen frowned as he observed them for a while. His pupils narrowed slightly, and one word popped into his mind.

"Teeth?" This was what he imagined they were.

If he imagined the primitive land as the head of a giant beast, then these bamboo shoot-shaped plants were the teeth of this beast.

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