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   Chapter 4144 Dale's News

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The chaos was an immensely vast space, so it was naturally hard to find a specific target or location within it.

The Snake Goddess tilted her head and thought for a while. After a few moments, she said, "Bring me to Pear Hill. I have an Other Shore Token that can determine the location."

The Primeval Lord of Heaven looked at her curiously. He did not know that she had such an Other Shore Token.

"I have a set of mother-child butterflies—a mother and three children. They can determine each other's positions, no matter how far they are from each other," she explained.

She had obtained her set of mother-child butterflies quite a long time ago, so the Primeval Lord of Heaven had forgotten about it.

"Thank you so much," said Zen.

After he had dissolved his avatar, he woke up in the Night View Island. Meanwhile, the Primeval Lord of Heaven handed the Descending Ring over to the Snake Goddess.

Then, he chanted the Illusion Breaking Rune. He asked Fuxi, who was in Pear Hill, to summon the real Snake Goddess.

When the real Snake Goddess had descended, she looked at the vast expanse of Pear Hill with curiosity. After all, her avatar was the one who created this super force and was also the only fruit left by the many seeds they had sowed.

As soon as she finished observing, she stretched out her hand and flicked gently. One large and three small butterflies appeared beside her.

The four beautiful butterflies were all in cyan color, and they danced gingerly around her.

"Zen, keep the mother butterfly and put it in Pear Hill. Put the other three small butterflies outside your primitive land. This way, they can sense each other," the real Snake Goddess ordered.

In turn, Zen did as she directed. After he put the mother butterfly away, he placed the three small ones inside his inner world, and his avatar brought one of them to the edge of the primitive land.

As for Dale and the Primeval Lord of Heaven, they still waited in the chaos.

After Zen went out, he released one of the small butterflies. The small animal flew around for a bit, then it stopped on the outer wall of the primitive land, and stayed still.

Dale looked at the butterfly and asked, "Zen, can you determine the location of the divine land?"

"The location of the divine land? I don't think I can." Zen shook his head.

If the distance was close, then he could sense the location of the divine land.

Unfortunately, he was too far from it. Furthermor

so confused. Since the Deleting Space had closed, no one knew about Geoffrey's and Ziya's whereabouts until now.

Did Dale really know where they were? Still, it seemed impossible.

"Of course, he is not in the Ruin Graveyard. He is in the main world," said Dale.

"I know he is in the main world, but how did you know?" Zen asked.

Previously, Dale had answered "I don't know" to every question, but now he seemed to know everything. There was such a glaring difference that everyone was confused.

Then, Dale told Zen what had happened in the Mysterious Yellow Tower.

Upon hearing that Geoffrey had climbed to the top of the four pillars, he quickly began to worry. He truly never expected that Geoffrey would reach that unimaginable place after he had explored the Abstruse Energy World.

Nevertheless, now that he knew that his son was safe and sound, he could reassure Letitia.

At that moment, he dissipated his avatar, and Dale and the Primeval Lord of Heaven retrieved their souls from his inner world.

Then, the crack he had torn apart surged, and the ancestry-level bloodline quickly repaired it.

"Your primitive land has opened up completely now. As to how to strengthen it and use the ancestry-level bloodline, you have to explore those by yourself. I have completed the task my master assigned to me. Now, it's time to go back," Dale stated.

Zen cupped his hands and said, "Master Dale, since you came from the Jade Pure Realm, do you know how to go to the center of the Jade Pure Realm?"

"The center of the Jade Pure Realm?" Dale felt slightly taken aback. He did not know why Zen was interested in that place.

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