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   Chapter 4141 A New Flesh World

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After the Evil God had left Zen, his inner world grew and prospered.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven implemented new rules to unite several human forces. All sorts of new forces flourished like sprouting bamboo shoots.

For most of the inner worlds, the more people and races there were, the more wars they would inevitably have. However, the new forces in Zen's inner world lived together in harmony, rarely entertaining any conflicts.

Now blood mist spread across the sky as its stench filled the entire inner world. The people were once again alarmed.

"This blood is a threatening sign!"

"What's happening to our world?"

"Is a disaster approaching us?"

As the people saw the blood mist covering the horizon, they were filled with indescribable agony.

They were facing imminent danger, but where could they escape?

Splash! Splash!

The blood mist formed from the ancestry-level bloodline spread to the edge of the inner world. It flowed to a tide merging with the chaotic sea.

From dark brown, the chaotic sea gradually changed into a bright red.

"Master Dale, what does the ancestry-level bloodline want?" Zen asked worriedly.

He knew that the ancestry-level bloodline had its consciousness and was never under his control. Even the Blood-controlling Method only allowed him to have an elementary control.

Now the ancestry-level bloodline was like a wild runaway horse galloping through his inner world. This made him nervous.

"How would I know?" answered Dale.

Zen and the Primeval Lord of Heaven glared at him as if they wanted to swallow him alive.

Dale couldn't stand their ferocious stares and hurriedly said, "Didn't I say a world of blood and flesh would be built?"

The Primeval Lord of Heaven looked at the sea of blood and nodded. "The inner worlds are filled with all sorts of strange things, but I'm afraid that only Zen's inner world has such a scene."

After a few moments, Zen, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, and Dale fina

hearts beating simultaneously at the same speed.

The ancestry-level bloodline ceased taking further action as the inner world reached this point.

"Is it over?"

Zen's avatar descended from the sky and stepped on one of the pieces of flesh.

He had been omniscient within his inner world and there was nothing hidden from him.

Yet he knew nothing about the flesh substances. When he tried to sense them, a resistance force radiated from them.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven and Dale also descended. "I don't think so. The most critical thing hasn't happened yet," Dale said.

"Do you mean expansion?" the Primeval Lord of Heaven asked.

"Yes," Dale replied with a nod.

For a primitive land, expansion was the priority. Zen's inner world was far too small.

"Will the world expand relying on these flesh substances?" Zen questioned Dale.

Dale didn't answer. He didn't know the answer either, but looking at the vast mass of flesh substances, he felt that the world ought to expand next.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

All the flesh substances began to beat faster. They appeared to be growing, squeezing unto each other more and more fiercely.

Five minutes later, Zen suddenly felt a crushing intense pain. It throbbed non-stop as if giving him a signal of his cinnabar field close to shattering.

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