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   Chapter 4133 Countermeasures

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The Eternal Realm warriors on the jadeite platform stood still, frozen in shock. They had just read the Memory-recording Crystal which had just revealed to them how the Evil God used over ten thousand avatars to kill Othniel.

Their expressions were grim. The Evil God once again was proving himself to be an extremely formidable enemy.

Eastern Emperor Taiyi put his hands behind his back, clutching a golden sword pointing at the sky. An overwhelming sword intent emanated from his body, spreading outwards infinitely.

Yasamin held the long sword horizontally. She frowned deeply, her wrinkles accentuating her tiredness more than usual. Despite her old age, enemies would've quaked in fear at the incredible power she exuded.

Any one at the Eternal Realm who had mastered the Blood-controlling Method could dominate the Source World.

However, the number of Evil Gods kept on increasing. They almost completely covered the sky.

The Snake Goddess was at a loss. Tears filled her eyes as she helplessly watched her disciples turn into Evil Gods.

Although they were being possessed by the Evil God, these people were still her disciples.

With every addition of an Evil God, the Pear Hill lost a disciple.

The Snake Goddess didn't have the heart to kill her own people.

"Can you stop the Evil God?" the Snake Goddess pleaded to the three Chaos Ancient Gods through life vitality.

Judson shook his head. "He directly possesses the creatures in the Source World. We can't stop him."

"I have an idea," piped up Gerald. "But I can only save dozens of people at most."

He was thinking he could stop the Evil God's body possession with the truth of life, but ultimately, it would've been futile since the number of Evil Gods was increasing rapidly.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Two streams of energy, one black, one white, flowed forth from beneath Fuxi's feet, converging to form an illusory Eight Diagrams seal.

"Spare no mercy," Fuxi said gravely. "They're our enemies now. There's nothing we can do about that."


The Eight Diagrams seal formed an invisible force that started to revolve around Fuxi.

In the past, Fuxi focused only on improving his own strength. Exerting his bloodline power to the extreme, he sought the fastest and strongest methods to destroy.

After cultivating the Blood-controlling Method, he had gained a n


As the Evil God swung towards Zen, he gently opened his palm to reveal a thin thread of blood. The blood thread quickly converged to form a hollowed-out blood sword.



The sword made of the Ways-blending Energy and another one made of bloodline connected with a deafening noise.


For a split second, no one knew what had happened.

Then, in the next moment, the Evil God's body collapsed into countless fragments that dissipated with the wind. Even the sword formed from the Ways-blending Energy disappeared.

The other Evil Gods all showed shocked expressions.

While the Evil God was well aware that he was no match for Zen alone, he had no idea that the disparity in strength was so great.

The blood sword in Zen's hand was too special. The Ways-blending Energy was extinguished the second it connected with the blood sword. What kind of bloodline power was this?

The Evil God had never been to the Eternal Scroll Painting. He didn't know much about the bloodline power, but he could instinctively sense that Zen's bloodline was special.

If he could devour Zen, then he would have his bloodline power.

When this thought crossed his mind, the Evil God grew even more excited.

"You deserve to be my creator! Again!"

This time, two Evil Gods stepped out and attacked Zen left and right.

As Zen kept the Evil God busy, the enchanted barrier underground that Kendrick had set up suddenly started to work.

The Dragon Scale Defense, like a sharp knife, was trying to separate the Pear Hill from the Source World.

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