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   Chapter 4132 Irreconcilable

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Zen couldn't care less about the Evil God's ridicule. Instead, he asked, "Are you eavesdropping on us?"

"There is nothing in the Source World that can escape my perception," the Evil God scoffed. "Everything here belongs to me and can be used by me. Why would I ever need to eavesdrop on you?"

This was an exaggeration, because the Source World was not his inner world. He wasn't all-knowing as he claimed.

However, it was true that no one could surpass his control over the Source World.

The Evil God continued, "If you submit to me, I will make you the ruler of the Source World. All the creatures and super forces of the provinces will submit to you. We can build the Source World together. What do you think?"

As he said this, he waved his hand gently.

Numerous emerald green vines quickly grew around the Pear Hill. Leaves ten feet wide uncurled and revealed strange flowers. The refreshing fragrance of flowers spread everywhere, and soon enough, the whole mountain was an emerald green sea.

The Snake Goddess race and the human race that were in the Pear Hill at that time were shocked to see this unfold.

"Whose method is this?"

"With so much greenery covering the mountain, I'm afraid only the Chaos Ancient God who is in charge of the life truth can do it."

"Why did he do that?"

Because the people of the Pear Hill didn't know the existence of the Evil God, they weren't afraid at all.

"I politely refuse," Zen said without hesitation.

He was completely different from the Evil God, which meant there was no way he would cooperate.

The Evil God was not surprised at Zen's answer. With one wave of his hand, the plants swayed towards him as if they were bowing. "There are three hundred and twenty-three million nine hundred and seventy thousand creatures living in this huge mountain. Most of them are weak. If they absorb even a drop of poisonous fog, they'd be dead. It is quite pitiful to kill all of them at once."

A low plant hidden away among the sea of plants was summoned by the Evil God; it was called the Poisonous Dust Grass. In the center of the grass lay a fist-sized fruit that held the deadliest poison.


The Evil God pointed his finger at the fruit, and it cracked. Just then, a poisonous bright yellow mist burst out and began to spread.

Whatever the poisonous mist enveloped withered and di

sinister smiles plastered across their faces. "Interesting... Zen actually let you out. It's too bad that you aren't from the Source World. I can't possess you."

The Evil God could only control creatures from the Source World. Because Letitia, Lavender, and the rest were from the divine land, they were completely out of the loop.

As they saw the Evil Gods approach them, Margaret raised her eyebrows. "What do you want to do?"

Letitia, Lavender and the other women pulled out their weapons and held their fighting stances.

"All I want is for your husband to cooperate with me. It would be best for you to be obedient too," the Evil Gods recited in chorus.

Letitia frowned and considered her options. She looked up and said without fear, "Evil God, Zen has done nothing but treat you well. He even let go of your wife, Edna. It's unreasonable of you to attack us."

Seeing Letitia's determination, the Evil Gods merely snorted at her.

Nothing could ever restrain the Evil God. Otherwise, he wouldn't have returned to Zen time to time.

However, it seemed that what Letitia had said affected him. One of the Evil Gods hesitated for a moment then snapped his fingers. "Retreat!"

The Evil Gods didn't lay a finger on any of them and eventually, disappeared.

Once they were gone, Margaret began to worry about Zen. "The Evil God has so many avatars. I fear Zen's safety."

Meanwhile, Letitia ran out of the hall and looked up to the sky. Her jaw dropped.

The sky above the Pear Hill was packed with the Evil Gods that hovered and increased in number.

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