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   Chapter 4127 The Fight Is Over

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Othniel was the most powerful among the six Chaos Ancient Gods.

Only a few could be a match for Chaos Ancient Gods. Even if the Chaos Ancient Gods confronted those who were stronger than them, they could manage to run away unscathed.

That was why Othniel successfully fled from the battle in the Pear Hill.

This time, however, he encountered an unprecedented crisis.

He activated the truth power in an attempt to teleport himself away.

But even after releasing all his truth power, he couldn't escape nor get rid of the space cage that enclosed him.

Othniel was shocked that someone in the chaos could disable his space theurgy.

He was fully aware that the Evil God couldn't do that.

'This guy is using the power of the Source World.

Had we been outside the Source World, he wouldn't be able to trap me even if he was ten times stronger.

But unfortunately, we are in the Source World.

I was caught unaware.

If I had known that he possessed such powers, I wouldn't have come here.

But it's too late to regret now, ' Othniel pondered as he fumed with anger.

Suddenly, the Ways-blending Energy that over ten thousand Evil Gods released blasted simultaneously.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Each Ways-blending Energy exploded, producing a blazing golden light. It was understandable how thousands of Ways-blending Energy could be fatal.

"You want to take my life? That's not gonna happen!" Othniel shouted.

Faint energy started to fluctuate on the surface of his body, spreading from his trunk and across the length of his limbs.

The energy turned into a layer of azure space armor, quickly covering his huge body.

Making the space armor almost cost Othniel all the truth power. The thick space armor protected him from any energy including the Ways-blending Energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The space armor shielded Othniel from the outburst of thousands of Ways-blending Energy.

After all the deadly explosions of the Ways-blending Energy, he remained uninjured.

"Ha-ha! Little useless tricks! You really thought you can hurt me?" Othniel provoked triumphantly.

The Evil Gods condescendingly looked at Othniel. One of them asked, "Have you always been this stupid?"

Othniel was confused. Then he realized that there were still over ten thousand Evil Gods standing on his back.

He almost forgot that he had to deal with so many opponents. This was the first time that he ha

y, one needed to use the bloodline power to make it work. Once the bloodline power ran out, any theurgy couldn't be unleashed anymore.

One by one, the Evil Gods stepped into the holy way and gradually died. Meanwhile, Yellow Thearch's bloodline power was quickly decreasing.

His face turned pale as Yellow Thearch was running out of the bloodline power. His handsome face started to wrinkle and he had aged in the blink of an eye.

He couldn't hold on any longer and it hit him–he was already dying. He suddenly recited the Truth of Godly Way and went to the Other Shore.

Yellow Thearch had married a woman from the Pure race on the Other Shore. Male members of this race looked like monsters while its female members resembled ordinary human women who gave off an unworldly aura.

When he was depressed back then, he spent most of his time keeping this woman company on the Other Shore.

Yellow Thearch knew that he was about to die, so he seized one last moment to enter the Other Shore to say goodbye to her.

When he saw the woman, she almost ran to come and greet him. Her eyes glowed ecstatically the second she met him.

As a creature on the Other Shore, she couldn't go to the Source World to be with Yellow Thearch. She could only patiently wait for his return.

"I'm sorry, honey..." Yellow Thearch said.

The woman frowned as she asked curiously, "What happened? Are you alright?"


Before he could finish his sentence, his body in the Source World had been shattered by the Ways-blending Energy.

He vanished in front of the woman as soon as his entire flesh was destroyed.

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