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   Chapter 4126 Outnumbered

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As soon as Divine Farmer devoured the Evil God, a new Evil God quickly materialized right in front of him. He was extremely dumbfounded at this strange phenomenon.

He refused to believe that the Evil God had the ability to be reborn an infinite number of times. He indignantly took a step forward and once again grabbed the Evil God with his massive arms, stuffing him into his humongous mouth.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After he had torn and ground the Evil God's body with his sharp teeth, Divine Farmer quickly swallowed the mass of flesh and bones into his stomach.

However, just as the second Evil God's body had settled in his stomach, one of the guards transformed into a new Evil God, the same smug smile stamped on his face.

'What the hell just happened? How was he able to do that?' Divine Farmer thought incredulously.

Tendrils of fear slowly crept in his mind, but the shame of feeling this fear inside him infuriated him more. Once again, he charged towards the next incarnation of Evil God.

The third, fourth, and fifth Evil Gods were quickly devoured by Divine Farmer, one after the other.

This went on until the last guard on the city wall had been transformed, and subsequently, consumed. There was no Evil God in sight, and Divine Farmer thought he had seen the last of him.

However, even before Divine Farmer had a moment to release a sigh of relief, a dozen more people emerged as they climbed up from the other side of the city wall.

All of these people were just ordinary citizens from Moon Shield City, with no capability to even reach the True God Realm in their original state. But when they reached the top of the city wall after their ascent, their bodies twitched and transformed into more clones of the Evil God.

"Did you turn them all into replicas of yourself?" Divine Farmer was starting to lose his mind.

He believed that the real Evil God must be hiding somewhere nearby, controlling these replicas remotely.

The only way he could win was if he found and killed the real Evil God!


The front-most Evil God slowly raised his hand, a mass of Ways-blending Energy slowly swirled in his palm. "You should have known by now that each of us is a real me."

Divine Farmer was at a loss for words.

He was proud of his sharp teeth that could tear almost everything in the world.

Although the Evil God's body was nowhere near as strong as Zen's, its toughness was comparable to the bodies of Holy Soul Realm warriors.

When Divine Farmer devoured what he thought were replicas, he had already sensed that each one of them was equivalent in strength to the Evil God himself!

There wasn't anyone else who had the ability to create such powerful replicas.

"You can revive infinitely using other people's bodies..." Divine Farmer couldn't help but cry out this realization, his voice trembling uncontrollably.

This realization meant that the Evil God was actually an opponent that could forever evade death. He only needed to constantly copy himself to be invincible.

"You got that

at hand, three Evil Gods appeared silently overhead.

"Why do you want to leave so badly?" one of them asked him.

With that, they released a massive amount of Ways-blending Energy from their bodies that exploded right above Othniel.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky erupted with a blinding white light as if a blazing sun had exploded.

The Chaos Ancient God's body might be colossal in size but it wasn't significantly stronger than Divine Farmer's body.

Luckily, and due to his quick reflexes, Othniel was able to duck swiftly when the Ways-blending Energy exploded, and avoid a huge rift that extended dozens of miles above him.

"Humph! Who are you to stop me from leaving?" Othniel snapped angrily.

Being the Chaos Ancient God who mastered the space truth gave him the ability to come and go as he wished in the entire chaos. He didn't believe that the Evil God would be able to stop him.

A significant amount of truth power radiated from his body.

His gargantuan body started to flicker, as did Yellow Thearch and Divine Farmer.

It went on for several seconds, but they surprisingly remained where they were instead of being teleported away.

Othniel was paralyzed with shock.

As a unique being in the chaos, this was the first time that he did not know what to do anymore.

"What... What did you do?" he asked in a trembling and uneasy voice.

The annoying smile never left Evil God's face. "Did you really expect the Blood Sea Province to be somewhere you can come and go whenever you wanted to?" he snorted insultingly.

As he finished speaking, they saw that multitudes of people throughout the entire Moon Shield City began to convulse before falling to the ground.

Pavilions, prisons, streets... They were everywhere.

When these people stood up, they saw that they were all turned into Evil Gods. They simultaneously used the teleportation technique to quickly reappear upon Othniel's broad back.

In a matter of seconds, more than ten thousand Evil Gods were now standing on Othniel's back!

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