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   Chapter 4122 The Last Bit Of Obsession (Part Two)

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However, during the time, Usman was still too weak to defeat Jimena Ji. Every time he attempted to throw a punch, he would get a hit first. Every time he attempted to give her a kick, she would be able to dodge it with ease.

He could not defeat her, and he could not stop thinking about her. As time went by, an obsession formed in his mind, and it was emerging at this very moment.

Likewise, Jimena Ji was able to tell the identify of this man through Usman's aura. "You must be the Evil God," she said to him.

"Jimena," the Evil God responded, making it known that he knew who she was.

As the Evil God confirmed her speculation of who he was, she smiled, thinking of ways she could use to her advantage. "Evil God, perhaps there is no reason for us to stand against each other. We can work together," she said and stared at him with her soft and beautiful eyes.

The Evil God sneered at her suggestion. "Are you suggesting we cooperate with you? But how?"

"Join us, and we can fight against the Pear Hill together." Jimena Ji replied slyly.

"If you truly wish to cooperate with us, why don't you join my Black Ship? We can fight against the Pear Hill then," the Evil God said smugly.

He was not one that could be convinced so easily, but Jimena Ji refused to give up. She flashed him a seductive look, attempting to have him go more easily on her. "But I'm a member of the Ji Clan. If I join enemy forces by my own will, I would betray my clan. It truly is a pity I can't do so."

The Evil God scoffed. "It is easy. Just become my woman."

She felt the Evil God's longing for her. She smiled, believing she had the upper hand in the situation. "Can you give me at least two days to think about your offer?"

Given the current situation of the Ji Clan, uniting with the Black Ship by marriage should be a good thing.

The entire time, Shera, who was also

ey all heard two muffled sounds coming from inside the conical containers.

The entire scene was terrifying. The energy the Evil God used was enough to destroy more than half of the province, and he locked it all up in the conical containers, where none of the energy was able to leak out.

Both the old man and Jimena Ji had completely disappeared.

Octavio, who stood guard before Moon Shield City, was left paralyzed by what he saw. He did not know how to react.

The old man and Jimena Ji were among the top five warriors from the Bearing race. They had fought and survived numerous battles. Had they just died like this? Was this the end of them? Octavio could not bear to think about it.

As his mind began to weaken so did his body. He began to tremble, both out of fear and exhaustion. He lost all will to fight, fleeing from the scene and into the furthest end of Moon Shield City.

The Evil God knew there was another warrior at the Holy Soul Realm on the run, but he had no interest in hunting him down. He already accomplished what he came here to do.

Now that Jimena was done for, so was Usman's obsession for her, his heart finally silencing its call. "Show's over," he told his crew. They then left, heading north of the city.

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