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   Chapter 4120 Kill Them

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Everyone in the entire Source World was shocked by the recent events that just unfolded.

From the super forces in the cities, to even the small races living in the remotest places, everyone discussed amongst themselves and tried to figure out who released that sudden stream of consciousness and resentment.

Some of them guessed that it was Zen who had caused all this.

What happened in the large provinces under the control of the Bearing race was even more bizarre.

Men made of soil, of all shapes and sizes, appeared in droves and set out to burn, kill, and plunder everything in their path.

These strange men of soil had varying levels of strength, but all ended up dying by the hands of the warriors of the Bearing race.

The men of soil that attacked the Moon Shield City of the Blood Sea Province were of the largest number. The warden, a bunch of prison guards and prisoners died in the dungeon.

Those prisoners who were lucky enough to survive were temporarily transferred and imprisoned in the north of the city.

Edna and the other prisoners had finally left the dark dungeon only to get locked up in a huge, iron cage.

Edna couldn't help but lean against the bars of the cage and stare into the distance with unease.

It seemed that the Evil God was able to obtain the power that was beyond her imagination.

This was something that had been inevitable in her eyes. The Evil God was talented and she always knew it was only a matter of time before he truly became a force to be reckoned with.

However, if he did come, he would have to face off against the entire Bearing race and directly fight against Yellow Thearch.

"I heard Yellow Thearch is at the Eternal Realm.

He's inherited the most powerful bloodline.

No one can step into the Eternal Realm in these years.

With my husband's strength, how could he be his match?"

The other prisoners soon found out that Edna seemed to have lost her mind. She kept muttering under her breath all day long, just repeating those words every single day.

"Can you not come over?


Of course, the Evil God could hear her.

However, her begging did not work whatsoever.

The black ship continued to sail at an unprecedented high speed.

A layer of invisible space membrane was wrapped around it so it seemed as if it swam through ordinary space. In truth, however, it was moving within an independent space where its speed increased tenfold.

In just four days, the black ship was able to cross dozens of provinces and soon arrived at the edge of the Bearing race's territory: the Black Gorge Province.

Over the years, both the Bearing and the Divine Farmer races expanded their territories by occupying large provinces. Soon enough, the two races became neighbors.


d ground let out a roar, and stone pillars suddenly came out of nowhere. Each pillar stabbed through the warriors that guarded the outpost position.

"Run away!"

Having realized the hopelessness of their situation, the Chaotic Source Realm warrior gave the order and was about to use the Grand Teleportation.

The other warriors thought the same thing and intended to escape as far away as possible.

However, when they used the space theurgy, they found that the space had no reaction—it had been sealed.

This feat, sealing the space, was a piece of cake for the Evil God.

Soon enough, the members of the Bearing race found themselves wrapped in endless stalagmites.

These stalagmites were as powerful as those men of soil!

A blow could shatter these stalagmites but it did not completely destroy them, as they reconstructed and their strength doubled.

Not long after, the warriors found themselves impaled onto the stalagmites.

The Chaotic Source Realm warrior soon exhausted his strength as he lay dying upon a stalagmite pillar. "I'm the direct descendant of the Ji Clan! You cannot kill me like this!" he roared.

When he said those words, the stalagmites suddenly stopped and a glimmer of hope rose in his chest. It seemed that the Ji Clan's reputation still terrified people.

However, he soon found out that his assumption was wrong.

"A member of the Ji Clan? Then it would be best if you die a slow, painful death."

The stalagmites slowly rotated and caused the Chaotic Source Realm warrior intense pain as they drove deep within his flesh.

Shera stared at the sight with a grimace. "Are you going to kill all of them like this?" she asked.

The Evil God shrugged. "I guess so."

The corners of Shera's eyes twitched.

This guy was truly crazy. She had no idea what he aimed to achieve with all this chaos.

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