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   Chapter 4119 Cut Ties

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Evil God always saw love as a ridiculous desire.

The only thing he pursued passionately was strength.

He would remove anything that attempted to keep him from this objective.

Even when he realized he couldn't defeat Zen in Zen's inner world, Evil God refused to give up.

Glory, wealth, and family didn't mean much to him compared to his ultimate goal.

But now he couldn't contain his anger.

It was until he felt hatred that he became aware of what he was doing.

'Why would I get so angry?

What a worthless emotion!' he thought to himself.

He had also bid farewell to his past when he left Zen's inner world.

Edna was aware of his thoughts yet continued to support him without hesitation.

Although the Evil God was able to think rationally, anger still overwhelmed him.

"I still care about her..."

he said as he quickly figured out the reason he was mad.

There was no one to blame but his wife.

Edna was a liability for him, and he would never let her hold him back.

'I can't let her live, ' the Evil God decided.

It was the second time that he had tried to take Edna's life.

He had stabbed Edna's chest with a sharp broken knife and planned to also kill himself afterward. But Zen came to their rescue.

Evil God closed his eyes as he began to sense Edna's condition and emotions.

He saw that Edna was worried about him and that she was relieved upon finding out that he was alive. Her temperature even rose that she slightly trembled with excitement.

The guard of the dungeon was taken aback by how Edna reacted.

"Are you saying the aura belongs to your husband?" the guard asked Edna.

Judging by the powerful aura, he speculated that the visitor was at least a master at the Holy Soul Realm or Eternal Realm.

No matter what the mysterious man was up to, the guard was certain that he could not afford to mess with the man. Soon after, another thought occurred to him.

The guard let out a snort. "If your husband was this strong, you wouldn't have ended up here. You are a terrible liar. Ha-ha!" he mocked before Edna could even answer his question.

He reached out his hand, going towards Edna's neck.

Despite how powerful he appeared to be, the Moon Shield City was the territory of the Bearing race. No one could risk stirring up trouble here.

As he clenched the fabric of E

soil stroke her face with its hand.

The man caressed her and said, "Wait for me here. I'll come to get you."

It kissed Edna gently and stepped back.

Seeing Edna submit to her fate calmly, the Evil God didn't have the heart to do it. He was taken over by guilt.

He just couldn't cut ties with her.

Under his manipulation, the men of soil destroyed and turned the dungeon into a mess. They killed the warden and guards to keep Edna alive for the time being.

In order not to arouse the suspicion of the Bearing race, the Evil God created lots of men of soil in other places under their jurisdiction. He controlled them to cause chaos in those areas.

After that, the Evil God said to the Shera and the former captain, "I am going to drop by the Blood Sea Province."

"Blood Sea Province..." Shera repeated. She arched her eyebrows as she thought for a while. "No, you can't go there. That's the place of the Bearing race!" she disagreed strongly.

Although the Bearing race and Divine Farmer race both suffered a great casualty in the battle of the Pear Hill, Othniel was still alive and the Bearing race had the Element Spirit Civilization to support them.

It was highly risky to break into the territory of the Bearing race.

"I'm not asking for permission," the Evil God said indifferently. "Did you forget who I am?"

He was the owner of the Black Ship.

The former captain and Shera were his subordinates and they took orders from him.

Soon, the black ship turned around and sailed towards the ancestral land of the Bearing race.

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