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   Chapter 4116 The Sky

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Geoffrey took a few steps forward, carefully studying the relief sculpture on the platform.

The relief of the Snake Spirit King was extremely intricate, but something caught Geoffrey's eyes.

It seemed some parts of the carving were smelted, as though someone had tried to burn them.

Did someone climb to the top of the pillar to destroy the relief before?

The pillar was undoubtedly very solid. Geoffrey wouldn't have been able to damage it, even if he tried.

Back when he was at the foot of the pillar, he had asked Ziya to give it a try, but even Ziya couldn't leave a mark on the pillar.

Except for these strangely burnt parts, there was nothing exquisite about the relief.

Geoffrey frowned in disappointment.

It hadn't been easy for him to climb all this way, yet the journey seemed fruitless.

At the very least, he had helped the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord connect the sword to the eleventh stair.

An Other Shore Token on the eleventh stair was supposedly quite decent; however it was still connected to a red light beam like before. This meant it was surely inferior compared to the Other Shore Tokens on the last ten stairs.

'If I drill a square hole here and insert the black stone in it, will it work?"

Geoffrey's eyes flashed excitedly as he came up with this bold idea.

But he dismissed the idea just as quickly as he hatched it.

The pillar was too solid. There was no possible way he'd be able to dig a hole in it!

'What if I asked Ziya for help...'

It had taken him several months to climb to the top of the pillar, which meant it'd take several more months to go down. Thus, it would take him nearly a year to make a round trip.

As he pondered over this, he inadvertently walked to the center of the platform, where the Snake Spirit King's eyes lay.

Without even looking where he was going, Geoffrey accidentally stepped right on the Snake Spirit King's eyes. Then, the sky began to stir, as though it was unsettled.

Initially, the sky of the main world was as dark as a moonless night.

Whenever he looked up, the sky was always pitch black.

But the instant Geoffrey stepped on the Snake Spirit King's eyes, he noticed a huge courtyard floating nearby.

It was floating in the center of the four pillars.

Upon a closer look, Geoffrey realized the courtyard was tethered by thick chains that glowed brightly. The glowing chains were connected to

ll acutely sense things around him.

Instantly he knew that the person approaching him was the Divine Farmer.

"What're you doing here?" the Yellow Thearch asked sourly.

After the battle with the Pear Hill, the Divine Farmer had actually rescued him.

But secretly, the Yellow Thearch loathed the Divine Farmer.

It would've been better to die in battle than to continue living as a puppet.

"The Eye Spirit has sent a message," said the Divine Farmer calmly.

"The Eye Spirit" were the last three words that the Yellow Thearch wanted to hear, but he had no choice. With a sigh, he struggled to sit up.

He knew that the Eye Spirit could be spying on them at any given time.

"What did he say?" the Yellow Thearch asked tiredly.

"Kill the Evil God," the Divine Farmer said bluntly.

The Yellow Thearch laughed bitterly. "How are we supposed to do that, especially in this condition?"

In the battle with the Pear Hill, two of the three Chaos Ancient Gods who advocated the Purge Way had perished. Othniel was the only survivor, but no one knew where he was now. How could they possibly kill the Evil God after they suffered such huge losses?

"We have to do it. The Eye Spirit will help us." The Divine Farmer shrugged.

"He will help us? How?"

"We still have Othniel. The Element Spirit Civilization will support us, and the Eye Spirit said he will teach us a special method." There was a hint of excitement in the Divine Farmer's voice.

"What method?"

"The Blood-controlling Method. It's a method to activate the bloodline theurgies, developed from outside the chaos..."

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