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   Chapter 4113 Holy Item

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The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord acquired all the necessary information about the Four Spirits Sect and the main world from the Other Shore.

But regarding what he said about the Snake Spirit King's strength, it was merely a rough estimate. The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was not thoroughly certain about it.

Moreover, he was not entirely sure if the Snake Spirit King still had all those ten Other Shore Tokens in his possession.

If the Snake Spirit King was still able to use his full strength until now, he would have already managed to defeat the Bird Spirit King long ago.

These two races had been warring with each other for over hundreds of chaotic eras. One could say that they were mortal enemies.

"If that's the case, then I will destroy all of his Other Shore Tokens..."

Geoffrey had already acknowledged the Snake Spirit King as his father's greatest enemy after the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord explained everything.

He knew that these Other Shore Tokens could be destroyed. All he needed to do was to pull them out.

Geoffrey had succeeded to do that lots of times before. He accomplished this while he was climbing the pillar.

If the person who owned the Other Shore Token seemed wicked, he would immediately pull out the black stone and throw it away.

He was also the one who threw away the black stones of those Other Shore Tokens belonging to the Element Spirit Civilization.

However, he was eager to reach the top as soon as possible. He realized that there were too many black stones on the pillar. It would take him a couple of years to pull them all out. Therefore, he left it entirely up to his mood whether or not he would pull out certain stones.

It meant that during this period of time, all sorts of strange things had been happening on the Other Shore. Every now and then, some people found that their Other Shore Tokens had suddenly stopped working.

Even though Geoffrey's proposal to pull out the Snake Spirit King's Other Shore Tokens sounded a little childish, it was actually very straightforward and effective.

It would be best if he succeeded in pulling them out and was able to destroy the ten Other Shore Tokens as well.

"You are welcome to try but you have to be extremely careful," replied the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. He was obviously concerned about Geoffrey's safety.

At this moment, he felt full of regret.

He should have learned more about the Four Spirits Sect in the past. That way, he could have been of greater help to Geoffrey. Alas! He had already missed his chance.

"Okay! Here I go!"

Geoffrey said as soon as the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord expressed his agreement. Very carefully, he climbed onto the tenth step.

Based on his previous experience, he pointed at the black light in the middle of the step.

It was actually a risky move but he had no other choice now. Entering the Abstruse Energy World was a kind of adventure in its own way.


As soon as Geoffrey's fingertip came into contact with the black light, the scene he

hen these grudges among the four sects would easily be solved..."

Actually, Geoffrey's flickering gaze had misled the woman. She thought there wasn't someone observing her, but there was something wrong with the holy pillars.

When Geoffrey realized the woman didn't get it, he became a little anxious and plucked the black light faster.

However, the woman still couldn't understand what he wanted to say. Communicating with her this way proved to be rather pointless.

After trying for a while, Geoffrey felt a sharp pain in his head. It was as though it had been split open. Finally, he gave up.

The woman discovered that the gaze on the Evil Bead had disappeared. Once again, her expression became stiff and impassive. She remained motionless and assumed her previous state of being.

The chaos cloud that enveloped her became a little thinner. Gradually, more parts of the wall that bound her were revealed. It appears that the wall extended out of the chaos cloud and stretched endlessly towards the far distance.

After leaving the black light, Geoffrey headed back and returned to the eleventh step. He immediately told the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord what he had seen.

The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord frowned when he heard what he just said.

He didn't expect that there was a wall in the chaos. Moreover, there was a beautiful woman with snake eyes embedded in it.

He couldn't quite understand why such a bizarre thing existed in the chaos.

Needless to say, Geoffrey didn't get an answer from the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. Then without saying anything, he stood on the ninth step and touched the black light.

This time, Geoffrey's gaze landed directly on the Heavenly Square City.

There was an irregularly-shaped piece of metal floating in the middle of a small room.

The moment Geoffrey laid his eyes on the metal piece, the whole Heavenly Square City trembled violently.

The Snake Spirit King suddenly opened his eyes and growled, "My Holy Item! Who dares spy on my Holy Item?"

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