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   Chapter 4111 A Damaged Sword

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After revealing such confidential information, Geoffrey started becoming quite nervous.

Most of the humans in the Source World and the divine land knew very little about the truth of the chaos, and they were blindly optimistic about the future.

Their naive optimism sprang from their ignorance. Once the disaster finally befell them, they would not even have a chance to react before they were wiped out from the world.

On the other hand, Geoffrey had acquired vast amounts of information from his father, so he was more aware of the impending crisis than most people.

He was well aware that the chaos was not as stable as most people falsely believed. On the contrary, it was more like a candle flickering in a storm, and it could be snuffed out at any time.

He couldn't anticipate what the consequences would be now that he had revealed so much information to the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. However, since the old man was someone Rocher could trust, he hoped he was someone worthy of his trust as well.

But Geoffrey would never have known the old man was Ziya's uncle.

The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord became excited for a while before he regained his composure and asked, "As far as I know, the space and time of the main world are vastly different from those of the chaos. Even if Ziya and you managed to leave the chaos, it would be difficult for you to move even a single step. Have you ever experienced the Red Jade Rite?"

Within the entire human race, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was the only one who knew so much about the main world, and that was only due to his mysterious and unique past journeys.

He knew that there was a special and secret method in the Four Spirits Sect that could transform creatures from the secondary worlds into creatures of the main world.

However, this secret method hinged on the availability of some extremely rare materials from the main world. Moreover, those qualified to undergo the Red Jade Rite were usually the most important disciples of the Four Spirits Sect, and this was only performed in very rare cases.

Most importantly, the current Four Spirits Sect might no longer have the ability to perform such a rite.

'What is the Red Jade Rite?' Geoffrey mused. He had never heard of such a thing. After pondering, he then replied, "No, sir. Master Ziya can't see anything in the main world, but I can. I've brought him all the way here..."

"What?! You have sight in the main world? Is this true?" the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord demanded in shock.

"Yes," Geoffrey simply stated.

Although the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord had known it was impossible for Geoffrey to climb up the pillar if he couldn't see within the main world, he was still awed when he received the confirmation.

This should have been virtually impossible...

"What's your name?"

that Margaret had given birth to his sister after his departure.

"Then set this aside for the time being," the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord said. "Which stair have you reached on the pillar now?" he changed the topic.

"I almost reach the top." Geoffrey's eyes shone with joy. "Is there something I can do to help you? I can modify the ability of the Other Shore Tokens," he offered.

"What?! Can you modify their abilities directly?!" The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord couldn't help but exclaim in astonishment.

The young cyan-robed man's ears immediately perked up with curiosity.

"Yes! If you don't believe that, let me change this sword for you now!"

As Geoffrey spoke, he extended his hand towards the end of the red light, where a small black stone was.

"Please don't!" The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord hastily interceded. "This Lone Sword is a powerful weapon. Even though many have carried it, none of them could unleash its power. We've been waiting for someone who can unravel the mysteries within it."

The more mysterious things were, the more attractive they became.

Even the omniscient Grand Supreme Elderly Lord clung to the same belief. He hoped that someone could discover the truth about this mysterious sword.

Upon hearing this, Geoffrey let out a chuckle as he replied, "I know why nobody could unleash the power of this sword! It's because a part of this page has been damaged..."

As Geoffrey was about to remove the small black stone, he discovered a deep crack on the step.

He didn't know what had initially caused this crack, but he believed this was why the sword couldn't unleash its power.

After Geoffrey shared this information, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord and the cyan-robed young man exchanged dismayed glances.

It now appeared that this mysterious sword that they always cherished was actually a damaged Other Shore Token.

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