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   Chapter 4110 Suspicion

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The old man was stunned. After a few moments, the young man in cyan robes next to him urged, "Old man, what did he or she say?"

"Human race, he or she is from the human race," the old man replied.

The young man's eyes flashed as he stared at the Lone Sword.

These two words contained so much information that both the old man and the young man tried to think harder.

Human spirits were equivalent to the "humans" of the main world, but they never recognized themselves as human race.

Many arrogant human spirits even insisted that they were completely different from the human race.

This kind of situation was usual among the monkey spirits, the bird spirits, and the snake spirits. Some spirits in the Four Spirits Sect had a natural sense of superiority. They never agreed that the races from the secondary worlds were their kind.

"Did you come from the chaos?" the old man asked a second question.

The person at the other end of the light answered him in a slow and troublesome manner. The old man was afraid that problems might occur if he asked too many questions, so he only asked one by one.

The gaze behind the Lone Sword began to flicker intermittently.

After a while of observing the flicker, the old man got the answer. It was "yes".

"Since you are from the chaos, how did you get out?" the old man continued.

The young man in cyan robes came to a strong realization. The human outside was really his kind!

The problem was, the chaos was a closed world.

How in the world could one get a chance out of a closed world? 'That human probably met an unforeseen opportunity, ' the young man thought.

As the gaze flickered some more, the old man once again received a brief answer.

"I just crawled out."

The old man could not hide his amazement precisely because he had been to the main world.

He knew it was impossible to just crawl out of the chaos.

It was already difficult to break the barrier between the Other Shore and the chaos, let alone the barrier between the chaos and the main world.

The old man felt the other party might have been fooling him so he reminded himself to be vigilant.

It might be someone who worked for the snake spirits.

They might have found a way to return to the main world and get back to the four pillars. They were trying to confirm their location through Other

le Rocher!

Although he didn't have much interaction with Rocher, they had spent some time in the Cloud Hall and the fairy palace.

"Why is Uncle Rocher in this tower?"

he almost cried out.

This was the first acquaintance he had seen through the light.

Rocher wandered around the Mysterious Yellow Tower for a while before he withdrew from the Other Shore.

He was unaware and didn't feel anything unusual.

Geoffrey paused for a while, thinking whether he should say something or not. Finally, he made up his mind to move the red light again.

"I know him! Rocher!"

After getting this information through the flicker of the gaze, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was puzzled.

What the hell...

How could the guy behind the Lone Sword know Rocher?

Geoffrey continued sending messages through the light as his emotions stirred.

About a quarter of an hour later, the old man burst into laughter when Geoffrey finished.

"That's great! Really great!

My nephew has actually done such a feat! I didn't expect such a coincidence in the world!

Hahaha..." he exclaimed while raising his fists just like he won something.

The young man in cyan robes didn't dare to interrupt and stayed silent.

After a while, he could no longer help himself from asking. "What is it, old man? Who is the nephew you mentioned?"

"Ziya!" The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord beamed with pride. It was as if he had never been so happy in the past tens of millions of years.

"Ziya? He is still alive?" The young man in cyan robes blinked as he was also shocked.

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